26. Graphic demonstration of the forbidden "egg jape"

27. Oral copulation performed in a bad dumbwaiter

28. Minor forced to witness a sporting mascot purchasing crack cocaine

29. Scenes of one or more sporting mascots smoking drugs with a helicopter

30. Sodomy on Good Helicopter performed by a sporting mascot while a minor is forced to watch

31. Minor willingly assisting in the disposal of a body at the behest of a police officer

32. Multiple human skulls appearing in the wrong location on Bad Lieutenant's airport X-ray

33. Bad Lieutenant grunting and gasping on toilet bowl with graphic splashing sounds

34. Human skulls in toilet bowl fished out and sold to teenagers

35. Prominent background image or images of a wizard nude from the waist down

36. Graphic description of a wizard masturbating himself onto a photograph of the President Eisenhower

37. Industrial robot programmed to inject testosterone into an erection

38. Parrot trained to speak blasphemy against the Catholic Church

39. Hostage forced at gunpoint to simulate oral copulation with a doorknob

40. Bowling ball painted like a testicle rolled into bowling pins arranged to spell out vulgar terms for the vagina

41. Basket containing Christmas ornaments flattened by steamroller

42. Harpoon gun used in prostate exam

43. Gravity defied repeatedly and without explanation, implying the use of sorcery

44. Car driven by Bad Lieutenant made out of human guts, runs on blood

45. Bad Sergeant stabbed in neck with shovel for not being bad enough

46. Bad Lieutenant "fake throws" ball for Golden Retriever

47. Elderly woman shoved into puddle

48. Sporting mascot married to Chinese woman in citizenship scheme orchestrated by Bad Lieutenant and Bad Helicopter with assistance from Bad Crustacean Notary

49. Kazoo used to frighten rape victim

50. Amish deceived into using computer disguised as plow by Bad Astronaut

51. Nearby tornado ignored by characters without consequence

52. Multiple characters call in sick to jobs despite not being sick

53. Chastity vows mocked

54. Good Helicopter destroyed with missile for filing taxes on time

55. Dean's car taken apart and reassembled in his office

56. Trigger discipline ignored by Bad Lieutenant during Russian Roulette game

57. Bad Astronaut admits plans to fake Mars Landing

58. Bad Helicopter and Bad Astronaut framed by Bad Lieutenant for cocaine that has disappeared from evidence room

59. Bad Lieutenant promoted to Bad Captain by Bad Commissioner after proving bad enough to rescue Bad President

There were originally plans for an entire trilogy based around the character of Bad Lieutenant, but these were scrapped when it was realized that there was no way to film an entire movie inside a dead white rhino's vagina. Without this key bridge in the second film, the third film (in which Bad Lieutenant meets Bad Time Traveler and erases history) would have been implausible.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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