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Posted by WarmBiscuit 11 hours ago

Hope is here, but she's looking out of shape and too many dogs keep getting in the way. Seems like they're all really worked up about something. Thriller and Hazard look like they want to go at it, but are holding off since Meathook and his pack look ready to pounce. Some of the dogs are chomping at bees. This is a bad scene for sure.

Posted by DogGoneIt 10 hours ago

NO, no, no NO. Something bad just happened...

Hope's been attacked. Didn't see who it was because there were over a dozen dogs going crazy and fighting each other. She's not looking good. They all ran off and she is just lying there and her owners are crying.

Oh god, I'm crying now.

Posted by HuskyLover 9 hour ago

I can't believe what I just saw... so horrible... so many dogs moving like a tornado, growling and biting. I couldn't make sense of what was happening, but when the dust settled, there was beautiful Hope all mangled and broken. I don't know who did it, but I... I think we should kill them all as punishment. If Hope can't live, no other dog should be allowed to live. It's what Hope would have wanted.

Posted by GrahamB 8 hours ago



Posted by Pawlease 7 hours ago

How could any dog do this? She was the light of this town, the prettiest, most loveable dog in the world. I've been in my car for the past hour punching my steering wheel. I feel so powerless... this is so much worse than when we lost Promise and a thousand times worse than when Bug moved away. Some dog messed up big time, and my money is on Caribe. I hate him so much.

Posted by HotDogginGuy 5 hours ago

Not exactly a surprise. If you've been following BigDog's newsletter, you know she and Hazard have been on the outs. As much as people want to deny she was spending time with Thriller, we all know it's the truth. She's toyed with the hearts of some dangerous dogs, and that brought about tragedy. Maybe the worst tragedy this town has ever seen. And I just finally got over 9/11. :(

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