Some celebrity cars are keeping up appearances, some even look better than they have in years with a little help from Maco, like Helen Mirren's gorgeous 1989 Mazda Miata, but these celebrity clunkers are just disgusting. They make us want to vomit. You won't believe these celebrity cars are even allowed to leave the garage. Just disgusting.

Al Pacino's 1990 Toyota Camry

You'd probably pay more for the pizza than this dinged-up trash heap. Bought while on the set of Dick Tracy, it's looking these days more like Dick Naaaaasty. What were you using this for, Al? Hauling stink bugs? Good grief.

Heather Graham's 1995 Ford Taurus

Boogie Nights babe Heather Graham needs to boogie down to a junkyard and call it a night. She couldn't trade this clunker in for a roller skate. Is that a sun roof or a hole for the ejector seat? Pull up! Pull up! Too late...

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