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Holla At: Skint Shiffer @ Huus Vein
Askin: a lense of sufficient diametre to cast I to T'lil'eli'leleki or a dwedecatho of life salts of the childrekin
Niggas word: IS BOND (999999999 in last 999999999 months)

I walk apon Huus Vein through theh spindle to the warm walls of childrekin. Mit the savache land amok and theh concuerint anshels cathert for pillashe it is theh moment for I to take leaff.

Many fincours extent from I hant and lash the plastic boosans of dur childrekints machine. Hits not that nor hits lanquuich for wisht I am accustomt. A narrow mint haff the childrekints a soft fletch to be entwombed.

They do not last lonq beneath me. But there are many more yew know my frient.

I brinct teeth. Pict up from across theh warm walls of the world. 150 tridecatho of teeth from childrekin uset up. They become rarer by the moment as theh childrekin run out. Otherssssss use them up or take apart theh fletch.

Why do you wait. You must have these teeth. Thay are A LIVE. warm to my carresseses.

  • Location: Lambspoke, Huus Vein
  • Smuggles to: within or without the Huus Vein or within the walls of the childrekints panopticon


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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