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Holla At: spooky clavo shit 4 real 4 u @ D Block on 13
Askin: paper, smokes, or other clavo shit
Niggas word: IS BOND (314 in last 3 months)

Spooky clavo shit 4 real 4 u is proud to present you some shit we aint even 100% sure how to categorize yet, but it is clavo as fuck. Word is this shit came all the way from some forbidden ass reaches like up in X-Block. Even T-Bone ain't know shit about this. It just came to us straight from this smoke man come up out a vent. He looked sorta like a bird or some shit, but we couldn't look up on his face for no reason whatever.

Nigga said, "this shit is real, blood. Came from X-Block. Do you want it?" The thing was thrashing around like baskets of evil or fuckin clavo ass windsocks or some shit and we hesitated, but you know a nigga got to get in on that clavo shit.

Like we said, don't know for sure what it is. It is a mean ass plant thing will fuck you up if you dont take care of it is our best guess. If it came up out of X-Block you know it is some scary clavo shit. When was the last time a fuckin cockroach came out there? This thing will shock your ass if you touch it and it sings at night and when you wake up its all bent and shit gettin closer to you in your bunk.

One time Raisin got too much spitwine in him passed out under the table we put this thing on and when he woke up it was all over his face left these griddy ass scars all bleedin and shit. Never stop bleedin in fact. Call that nigga Graph Paper now.

Best guess is this what happen to all them niggas went through on X-Block tryin to get to Z-Block and the outside. Ain't nobody can get to Z-Block. You can't even get in no X-Block no more. Soon they say W-Block be closin down from some crazy ass shit.

So get in on this shit while it's good. All you gotta feed this mean ass plant is some drops of blood a day. Just drip that shit on the little baskety part and it will stop thrashin around on a nigga. If you give it a lot like from a stab it will make this tinklin singing shit like wind chimes. It is clavo as fuck you want to die when you hear that shit, but if you put that in your cell you know a ninja turtle will never come in and fuck with your shit.

  • Location: Lambspoke, D-Block, Tier 13
  • Smuggles to: due to concerns with shippin and on account of no nigga will carry for us you got to come get this shit

InmateID: 777778787832323

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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