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The ReMakers gathered by the shores of their colony structure. Adwara still had not deciphered their language, but she could follow their communication by the way they held their segmented bodies. There was a conflict within the colony. Food supplies were scarce. It had been so since the surprising snowfall of last week.

GeoSurvey satellites had seen the fluffy clouds approaching, but the Algur GeoEngineers had denied the reality. "The release of fuel emissions has heated the atmosphere. There will be a rise in sea levels and increasing temperatures. The globe will warm."

Fat snowflakes landed among the ReMakers. Their antennae twitched with concern.

Adwara caught a snowflake on her fingertip. She glanced up at the crescent-shaped GeoEngineering megastructure in orbit.

"Where is your global warming now, Algur?" she muttered.

Of course, globe warmification was hotly contested by science, but dissenting opinions were surpressed by the Leebro Media.

"Oh!" remembered Adwara. "I have Cannoli ice cream I can share with the ReMakers. It contains real mascarpone and delicious pastry swirls."

She spooned the ice cream into the maws of the ReMakers. They clattered their mandibles in thanks for the refreshing and authentic Italian sweetness.

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