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Best News Headlines of Russia and World...

USA, British, and French Troops March in Red Square Parade Honoring 100% Soviet WWII Victory Over Fascism, Japanese

Stalin Applause Light Turned Off Ending 57-Year Ovation at Politburo

Nominees in for Best Moscow Tunnel Crash 2009; Screaming Man Trapped in Burning Wreck Captured on Camera Phone While Onlookers Do Nothing Expected to Sweep Awards

Judge's Ruling Prohibits Chechens from Renting Trucks, Smiling

Moscow Police Special Task Force Formed to Investigate Corruption of Previous Moscow Police Special Task Force

Gazprom Offshore Projects Director Reaches Out to West and Offers to Help BP Clean Up Unfavorable Journalists

New Documentary Series By Media Oligarch Questions Independent Photojournalists and Their Hooker Photograph Lying Methods

Study: Burning Dzerzhinsk Benzene Lake May Have Benefits for Local Economy

Airshow Jet Ekranocopter Crash Linked to Body of Putin Mistress and Former Acrobat Found Wedged in Volgodonsk Reactor

Deputy FSB Director Retires Following Deadly Shooting and RPG Attack at Retirement Party

Oligarch Roman Abramovich Crashes Mega Yacht into Rival Oligarch's Mega Barge Near Mega Bahamas

Russian Nuclear Sub Turns Up Where Least Expected: Safely Back at Dock

New PAK FA T-50 Fighter Constructed Entirely From Cutting Edge "Nano Iron" to Run on "Hyper Diesel," Say Technology Man of Science Institute

Svengyny-Olaf Medical Recalls 10,000 Artificial Hearts Installed in 200 Aging Apparatchiks

New Advanced Russian Computer Can Message Thousands of AIM Contacts Per Second

kPrud, Kyrgyz iPad, Superior to Apple Computer, Screams Toothless Kyrgyz Man Behind Meat Table at Meat Store

USA-Russia Disarmament Treaty Could Create 500 Jobs for Pit Diggers Near Missile Base

"Hog Man" Bones Discovered in African Cave Prove Missing Link Between Pigs and Tajiks

WikiLeaks Releases Secret USA Helicopter Video Showing Americans Allowing Enemy Children to Survive Attack

Vietnam Celebrates 35th Anniversary of Military Triumph Over USA With Moped Parade, 90-hour Karaoke Contest on Only TV Channel

Russian Investigators Exonerate Russians for Polish Air Tragedy, Katyn Massacre

Analysis: FBI Failed to Utilize Commandos and Sleeping Poison to Arrest Times Square Bomber Aboard Airplane

Political Experts: UK Election Indecision Will Cause UK to Split into Seventeen Warring Countries

Putin Emerges From Burrow, Sees Shadow, Takes Off Shirt, Horseback Fishes, Scares a Child, Has Sex With Teenage Model: Six More Weeks of Winter

Lucky Spree: Drunken Teens Brutally Attack Homeless Chechen Trained By Al Qaeda to Spy on Shopping Area, Benches

Incredible Chinese Child Gymnast Stripped of Olympic Medal by USA-run Olympic Committee

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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