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The Outlaw Johnny Hunt is now listed as incarcerated.
1 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Doc Beauzerau hey pawley, you owe me 10 grand now.
3 minutes ago. 7 Comments
Sheriff Pawley Good work, Beauzerau. But what I can't reckon is why you shaved off all his body hair?
Doc Beauzerau hahaha couldn't help myself. after i drugged him he was just sleepin' there like a baby.
Sooty Stan doc, you are one snaky bastard.
Rapid City Russ dag namit! we almost had him too!
Tiny Madison if it weren't for my DUMB POSSE getting our horses all tangled up and half sunk in quicksand, we'd of had him for sure.
Mad Bill Boothe you had a good run, Johnny. Here's wishing you a pleasant and uneventful train ride back east. I'm sure Sheriff Pawley will take good care of you.
Vaquero Esquerra NUTS! --Vaquero Esquerra
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt added three new notches on my belt today and one hell of a hole to my gut. RIP ya useless shits.
30 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Doc Beauzerau happy to lend my services if ya need 'em, hunt.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt Doc, you may be a goddamn fruit, but you're the finest goddamn fruit I know.
Bad James Randall ain't bounty hunting ever again. I'm still cleaning Boyd Boon's guts outta my chaps.
Bronco Bob, Boyd Boon and Tex Crawford are now listed as dead.
32 minutes ago. 1 Comment
Father Gerald The Lord delivers! Been hankerin' to preside over a funeral, and now I've got not one but three! Expect to see you all comin' out to pay your respects.
Bronco Bob get that 10000 ready, Pawley. Justice is about to be dealt.
3 hours ago. 1 Comment
Wild Ron Johnny Hunt, you sure know how to rile up a crowd.
Bronco Bob is fixin to form a posse. Could really use a healer. Doc, you in?
5 hours ago. 5 Comments
Doc Beauzerau I'm stickin' neutral in this skirmish. if any outlaws or bounty hunters need treatin', i'm bound by trade to heal as best i can. no sides taken here.
Slimy Morgan good to see you doin' the honorable thing, Doc!
Bad James Randall Reckon I'll ride with you, Bronco. The other posses don't seem to be taken this as seriously.
Tex Crawford Ain't slept a wink since Johnny Hunt threatened me. Time to bring him to justice.
Boyd Boon Need money for the new SmartLasso 3d. I'm in.
John Red Eagle Keep up the good work, John Hunt. Every day you're free the white man spends less time raping my people.
7 hours ago. 5 Comments
Cincinnati Pete well that ain't hardly fair, Red Eagle.
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz I know ya don't like us askin' ya injun questions all the time, but is it possible for an indian to cast some kinda spell to make a guy's pecker shrink?
Doc Beauzerau i'm afraid this is very real, Red, and there ain't no cure in all of the white man's medicine.
John Red Eagle Yodeling Man, the spirits of my ancestors are angry, and they often lash out at the genitals of the land-stealing white man.
Slimy Morgan I know ya fellas is just jokin, but yer just jokin right?? I got enough on my mind without havin to worry about ornery injuns poppin out of the prairie grass to blast my tender bits with black magic.
Vaquero Esquerra haha forget tiny madison's posse. ride with me if you wanna see some real justice.
7 hours ago. 3 Comments
Rapid City Russ we ride together
Wenatchee Kid we die together
Vaquero Esquerra bad boys for life!!!
Tiny Madison who wants to posse up? 10000 is a heck of a lot of scratch.
7 hours ago. 5 Comments
Blackboots McCoy with that kind of money i could do wonders at the tables. count me in, madison.
Hoagy Calhoun can't rightly let a fool like you ride unchaperoned. i'm ridin' with ya.
Sooty Stan gonna sit this one out fellas. Johnny Hunt has paid me a kindness on more'n one occasion.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt Think yer mistaken me with someone else, Sooty. I've always thought of ya as a yellow-bellied shitbrain.
Sooty Stan Welp, I'll fetch my saddle fellas.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt ain't one son of a bitch in all the west stands chance to catch me.
8 hours ago. 1 Comment
Sheriff Pawley Hereby escalatin' my offer to dead or alive. Wouldn't mind ya dead, Hunt, even if I'm itchin' to tighten that noose about your neck myself.
Tallahassee Parcy it's nothing personal, but when I find Johnny Hunt I'm going to subject him to a beating so grim not even Doc Beauzerau will be able to piece him back together. Lord help him... and me, for my terrible temper.
10 hours ago. 4 Comments
Tallahassee Parcy I don't mean to repeat myself, but I'll mash his face so badly there won't be nothin' left of him but a pile of oozin' pus and blood and a few chips of bone for the little coyotes to chew on.
Tallahassee Parcy Suspect I'll have to deliver him to Pawley in a cask, so broken and mangled will he be.
Slimy Morgan boy howdy! sounds like you got a case of the Mondays!
Tallahassee Parcy May the Lord spare you from my wrath, Morgan. Only He knows how badly I wanna rip yer ears off and crush yer jaw under my boot heel.
Sheriff Pawley I've had just enough of Johnny Hunt's law-breakin' ways. So hear ye this everybody: $10,000.00 to whoever helps capture the son of a bitch!
11 hours ago. 5 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe Sheriff, allow me to express my eternal gratitude for your dedication. I sleep better at night knowin yer on the job keepin this great frontier safe from scoundrels like Hunt. Much obliged.
Sheriff Pawley Careful, Boothe. After Hunt, yer next. I know you've been robbin' trains and spendin' stupid. Ain't no man needs to trot around with 2 SmartLassos.
Mad Bill Boothe ain't a crime to have two of anything, Sheriff. I'm just enjoying the spoils of honest livin and hard work.
Father Gerald do the right thing and turn yourself in, Johnny. It's your first step to salvation.
Cowboy Charlie Johnny Hunt's an OK fella by my accord, but that kinda money sure does get a guy questionin' the interplay of friendship and commerce.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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