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Doc Beauzerau just want y'all to know, in spite of the ill treatment I've been receiving whilst administrating to this plague, I hold no grudges. Hope to see y'all in my office when next you need treatment.
12 minutes ago. 6 Comments
John Red Eagle On behalf of my tribe, I'd like to award you the Feather of Honor, given to the most skilled hunters of white men.
Cincinnati Pete Why ya always gotta go on about killin' white folk, Red Eagle? We ain't all bad.
John Red Eagle Why you always killing my brothers, white man?
Cincinnati Pete Touché.
Tiny Madison Doc, crazy as ya are, I can't stay mad at ya, not after ya saw Sooty through this ordeal.
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz Doc, ya did give me the plague, which was the worst thing I damn near ever endured. But, ya did cure it, so I guess we're even by that accord.
Mad Bill Boothe Friendly reminder to all my best pardners: Elections is comin' up right quick. If yer as sick and tired of Sheriff Pawley's excessive lawin' as I am, elect me, friend and champion of the common man.
30 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Sheriff Pawley a man whose moral compass always points south ain't got no business being sheriff of this or any town, Boothe. Give up yer campaignin' before I beat you what for.
Mad Bill Boothe it breaks my heart to see a man attempting to use his badge to literally grind the wheels of democracy to a halt. As Sheriff, I promise to protect the noble creeds upon which this great nation was founded and never use my badge to intimidate honest competition.
Vaquero Esquerra argh just crashed my horse. looks like he's totaled. i gotta stop drinkin' and ridin' dirty.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments
Tiny Madison DOC you better get over to Red Gulch Saloon pronto!!!
5 hours ago. 7 Comments
Doc Beauzerau what now? i just popped open my good ether.
Hoagy Calhoun come quick!! rapid city russ just got kicked square in the head by my mule.
The Wenatchee Kid It's horrible, doc. There's blood everywhere and he's moanin like an amorous turtle. I ain't seen a mule kick this bad since Jim Hoyle.
Doc Beauzerau eh, whatever. i'll be there after i loosen up.
Doc Beauzerau what the hell, where is he?
Tiny Madison Damnit Doc, we brung him to yer office! Where you at?
Doc Beauzerau knockin' back a few at the gulch. hold your horses, i'll be there after the next round.
Doc Beauzerau heh, was tending to sooty stan's pox when a giant pustule popped in squirted up into slimy morgan's droopy eye. this plague has renewed my love of medicine.
8 hours ago. 5 Comments
Sheriff Pawley Don't think yer off the hook, Beauzerau, even if ya are tending to this outbreak with uncharacteristic zeal.
Slimy Morgan damnit doc, that ain't funny. is my eyeball gonna be ok?
Doc Beauzerau that eyeballs been dead for like a year, morgan. the fact it's black and rottin shoulda told you that.
Doc Beauzerau phantom sight, morgan. same reason amputees still feel their missin' limbs.
Tallahassee Parcy Whore's untied.
1 day ago. 0 Comments
Tallahassee Parcy God help me for the wicked thing I done. Tied a whore to the train tracks. She's there now, waitin' to git run over by the 4:17 to Shaggy Butte. I got evil in my blood, and I ain't gonna be satisfied until I've painted the whole damn west in blood.
1 day ago ago. 6 Comments
Wild Ron Aww heck, you're bein' too hard on yerself. Sure ya got a temper, but ya got the most righteous temper of any man I know. That whore probably earned her lot.
Tallahassee Parcy She said I was handsome. I got a wicked anger I just can't control, Lord help me. Even now I long to tear yer head in two then stomp manure into each half while micturating upon your twitchin' corpse.
Wild Ron Aw, you don't mean that, ya big galoot. Yer just beatin' yerself up as usual.
Sheriff Pawley Hold on a minute now, Parcy! Tampering with the rails is a federal offense. Unless you want the full might of the United States Government bearing down on you like the proverbial freight train, ya best remove that damn whore.
Tallahassee Parcy Sigh.
Mad Bill Boothe Parcy, it breaks my heart to see a man denied the right to tie a whore to the tracks. When elected sheriff of this great land, I will spend my days officiating to important business and leave yer personal matters with whores alone.
Doc Beauzerau Gonna need an assistant to help me tend to Sooty Stan and the rest of the sissies still reeling from the plague.
2 days ago. 6 Comments
Slimy Morgan be my honor to help these fine men recover, doc. just tell me what to do.
Doc Beauzerau gonna need you to probe Sooty's hindquarters for blockage.
Slimy Morgan sheesh, doctorin' ain't for the faint of heart. alright, if it helps Sooty out of this jam.
Doc Beauzerau lol... hey, cowboy charlie, you still got that tintype camera? got a great photographin opportunity over at my office.
Cowboy Charlie Leave me out of yer danged deviant mischief, Beauzerau. I ain't speakin to you on account of the fact you killed the only good doctor in town and gave me the plague.
Doc Beauzerau it's not like you died from it, you big baby.
Rapid City Russ Thank goodness this vile plague has just about run its course. It breaks my heart to see so many great pardners forced to endure the indignity of smallpox. As depraved a man as he is, Doc Beauzerau has worked tirelessly the past few weeks. It's a treat to see him concerned with the health and welfare of this town.
2 days ago. 3 Comments
Sheriff Pawley As soon as this plague's abated, he's going behind bars. Maybe I'll have him share a cell with Johnny Hunt and see how those two fair together.
Doc Beauzerau not a good idea, pawley. you never know when another outbreak might occur. lol
Mad Bill Boothe Looks like our esteemed sheriff is hatchin' a scheme to lock up the town's only doctor. Well ain't that dandy? Elect me, and I'll see to the protectin' of this town's best interests.
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