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Cowboy Charlie is mighty lonesome! Could use a cowgirl to keep me company on the ol' dusty trail. ;-)
3 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Cowboy Jake M no leter'd
6 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Ol' Floyd Carson I no longer identify myself as a male and would be much obliged if y'all responded in kind.
9 minutes ago. 22 Comments
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt ain't no law in all of Bismarck that can catch hide nor hair of me.
15 minutes ago. 4 Comments
Vaquero Esquerra is going to have his revenge.
17 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Rapid City Russ is heading to the saloon.
25 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Tall James McGinley is now listed as lonesome.
27 minutes ago. 4 Comments
John Red Eagle gonna scalp the next white bastard to yell "woo boo boo" at me.
34 minutes ago. 6 Comments
Blackboots McCoy lost at poker again. Done bet the spurs off my boots, too.
40 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz ain't no situation yet I can't yodel my way out of
1 hour ago. 3 Comments
Chicago Bill shot a man the other day. Ain't proud. Had to be done.
1 hour ago. 4 Comments
Sooty Stan Done lost my conk in Cheyenne. Shoot!
1 hour ago. 2 Comments
Cowboy Bradley is thinking about his new saddle. One more week.
1 hour ago. 1 Comment
Rutherford Griffith Ain't nobody worth a hoot in the saloons tonight. Gonna perambulate for a spell.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments
Vaquero Paco mi caballo esta enfermo, ay de mi
2 hours ago. 2 Comments
Tallahassee Percy ridin' out tonight. Any sons of bitches worth their salt can come along.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments

Clumsy Buford, Sheriff Red and Dirty Dave Baker updated their daguerreotypes.

Wild Ron is drinking whiskey tonight.
2 hours ago. 1 Comment
Bronco Bob moseying on over to the brothel.
3 hours ago. 0 Comments
Duke stetson announces brand new hat... right after i just bought mine! how do you like them apples?
4 hours ago. 2 Comments
Big Henry Haskell is sick of bad drivers. Get yer wagons off my gosh darn trails, you greenhorned galoots.
4 hours ago. 1 Comment
Wenatchee Kid gonna rustle up some grub
4 hours ago. 0 Comments
Cincinnati Pete forgot to empty my spittoon... ain't never makin' that mistake again, no sir.
5 hours ago. 12 Comments
Green Chaps McGee Horse ran off and so did wife. Gonna go jump into a cactus patch, consarnit!
1 day ago. 2 Comments
Hoagy Calhoun Hell, at this point my horse got nicer shoes than me.
1 day ago. 0 Comments
Tiny Madison ain't got no recollection of what he done with his lasso. Boy howdy!
1 day ago. 1 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe gonna shoot that barber after what he did to my mustache. Ain't no law gonna disagree, either.
1 day ago. 7 Comments
1 day ago. 24 Comments

Prospectin' Doyle one of these days I'm gonna strike it rich. You'll see!
1 day ago. 3 Comments

Bad James Randall heard a discouraging word :(
1 day ago. 15 Comments

Doc Beauzerau had to ether a consumptive whore three times fore she finally ceased her hollerin
1 day ago. 4 Comments

My thanks to the young David Thorpe for his invaluable aid in the creation of this article.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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