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Tiny Madison what the heck, why didn't nobody tell me ladies was all gross down there???
1 minute ago. 1 Comments
Vaquero Esquerra yeah just too bad you chose that over the best game ever...
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe is now listed as incarcerated.
3 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Deputy Rapid City Russ uh oh, guess i'm in charge round here now. well, don't nobody do no wrong and i won't have to shoot you.
Francis Pawley That badge looks awfully heavy in your hand, Russ. I could help you carry it.
Deputy Rapid City Russ i already lost the badge, along with the left half of my vest.
Rapid City Russ is now known as Deputy Rapid City Russ.
5 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe After a particularly nasty scuffle that nearly got me and Russ killed, I have seen to the arrests of 8 of the most notorious train robbers in the west. Y'all can rest easy tonight knowing these men are behind bars. Oh, and much obliged to Mr. Pawley for some fine sharpshootin'.
16 minutes ago. 6 Comments
Francis Pawley And how many of these men you arrested were your former posse?
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe of 'em, countin' yours truly. As the duly elected lawman, I am honor bound to see to it that I get the harshest punishment imaginable, lord help me.
Father Gerald Bless you for bringing these wanton transgressors to justice. Only the Lord is fit to judge, and he will do so after they are hastily executed by an angry mob.
Rapid City Russ wait, am i arrested now too? cause i was part of your posse.
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe No, Russ, you're part of the posse that brought my former posse to justice. You's a deputy now.
Rapid City Russ hot dog! you won't regret this mr. mad sheriff sir. i'll make you proud, honest i will. sorry again about falling asleep during the dynamite fight.
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe ignore last message HEY CAN ANYONE COME HELP ME AND RUSS FEND OFF SOME ANGRY DYNAMITE-THROWIN' TRAIN ROBBERS??? Down near Deadman's Elbow. THANKS.
1 hour ago. 1 Comment
Francis Pawley Not so easy formin' a proper posse, is it?
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe look out he's got
1 hour ago. 2 Comments
Duke what's he got?
Cincinnati Pete a hard one, I reckon.
Cuss Finley crashed my horse into a wild indian man out on the trail. he yelt at me, i yelt at him, then i hugged him real long and hard. squirmy indian, that one.
3 hours ago. 1 Comments
John Red Eagle I guess that explains why Tall Feather won't come out of his sweat lodge. He say "angry and terrible bear spirit have way with me."
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt I'd just like to declare here before one and all that I forgive Beauzerau's trespasses against me, seein' as how he informed me of a sickly mole on my arm just as I was fixin' to stab him in his heart, then had the good graces to remove it free of charge.
4 hours ago. 4 Comments
Slimy Morgan wait, the doc removed his own heart free of charge? lord I'm gonna miss that crazy man. me and him was the best of friends.
Doc Beauzerau it was lucky you came to kill me when you did, hunt. that mole was just seconds away from metastasizing and turning gangrenous.
Slimy Morgan doc, you're alive!!! Thank god!!!
Yodelin' Rad Paskiewicz Doc, if you practiced medicine half as good as you schemed, there wouldn't be a sick man among us.
Cuss Finley got me a big hairy body, yet can't get no lady.
5 hours ago. 4 Comments
Cowboy Charlie dang it, we all know you got a big hairy body. We have to see you rubbin' it up with soap every morn in the thoroughfare.
Blackboots McCoy what???? that's you doin that out in the open? thought that was some kinda trained ape with all that hair and grunting. that's why i was feedin' you apples that time. jesus you could have said something so I didn't look like no crazy man out there.
Hoagy Calhoun you always seem to be having fun, cuss. spect I might join you one morning.
Cuss Finley like it when you feed me apples, mccoy. best part of soap times.
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe Fixin' to do what Pawley never could and take care of these wild train robbers once and for all. Need a posse to ride tonight. Who's in?
6 hours ago. 12 Comments
Francis Pawley you planning on arresting a mirror, Boothe?
Sooty Stan would love to join you but i've got diarrhea again and my horse ain't exactly welcoming me after last night
Tallahassee Parcy Would I be able to personally maim and mutilate each one of the guilty culprits, stomping their faces in with my boot heels, raking my spurs across their eyeballs, ripping outtheir tongues and driving oil-soaked rags down their throats? Cause if so, I've got horse and saddle.
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe Aw heck, we just arrestin' them boys, Tallahassee.
Tallahassee Parcy Nevermind then.
Wild Ron would join you but Vaquerro Esquerra and Jim Hoyle and I are fixin' to get a game of Wagons & Allies going. Damn game takes nigh on six damn hours to play properly.
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt sorry, sheriff, but I'm scheduled to stab a certain somebody in the heart tonight.
Big Henry Haskell awfully rude for you to post this in plain view of me, knowin' HOW MUCH I ENJOY WAGONS & ALLIES.
Cincinnati Pete Always up for some action. Count me in, Wild Ron.
Cowboy Charlie you know damn well I've got my pottery class tonight. Raincheck?
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe Damnit, ain't even one of you sons of bitches available to posse up?
Rapid City Russ well tiny madison said he was busy tonight so i guess i'm in.
Tiny Madison think tonight is the night. after years of beatin' around the bush, gonna ask daisy lou to come have fun with me. mighty excited to finally feel a lady's touch.
7 hours ago. 4 Comments
Doc Beauzerau is she the whore with the gouged-out eye?
Tiny Madison doc you know that's mirabelle with the bad eye and i can't afford mirabelle, thank you very much. daisy lou is the one with the claw hand and the burns on her face.
Doc Beauzerau oh yeah, i remember causing those burns. have fun.
Vaquerro Esquerra ehhh... honestly Wagons & Allies is more fun.
Cuss Finley is now in your posse.
7 hours ago. 0 Comments
Francis Pawley to our esteemed sheriff: if you're so eager to enforce the law, why not arrest a certain notorious gang of train robbers plaguing the railroad? You man enough to accept my challenge?
8 hours ago. 2 Comments
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe Mighty queer of you to mention, Pawley. I was no more'n a scant few minutes from announcing my plans to end the tyranny of the train robbing pariahs.
Francis Pawley Might want to be careful, Boothe. Heard they was mighty ornery after their leader left 'em high and dry to play dress up.

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