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John Red Eagle My people have a longstanding policy of peace and cooperation with the white man. I ask you to recall this before you shoot me in my shoulder.
3 minutes ago. 1 Comment
Hoppy Terrible sorry. What with all the confusion, done mistook you for one of the bad ones..
Tex Crawford All that rampagin' for eight sacks of damned millet? I woulda given 'em the millet myself if they just asked kindly.
5 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Father Gerald We must not suffer them to live! They are but demons from hell, crudely shaped in the image of man to parody God's creation!
5 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Rutherford Griffith I expect that sort of bigotry out of that irascible old preacher, Hoagy, but not outta you.
Hoagy Calhoun mighy sorry to offend, mr. griffith. thought the father was talking about them apple core dolls Miss Prudence is always fashioning.
Vaquero Esquerra what's say we go out to the lahontan camp and show 'em what for!!!
10 minutes ago. 2 Comments
Wild Ron What's say you go first, Esquerra.
Vaquero Esquerra ehhhhhhh...
Buford Bronson What the heck happened while I was out huntin'? Looks like Tall James McGinley had another bachelor party. Haw!
11 minutes ago. 0 Comments
June Carson Thank heavens those wild Lahontan didn't have their savage way with me!
12 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe Give it up, Floyd. Ain't nobody ever gonna mistake you for a woman.
June Carson I'm more woman than you'll ever have!
Doc Beauzerau booooooyaaaaaaahhh
Doc Beauzerau hahaha you'll never guess what part of tiny madison I just pulled an arrow out of
14 minutes ago. 5 Comments
Vaquero Esquerra was it that little clubfoot of his???
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt I wager it was stuck in his hat.
Doc Beauzerau his anus! the arrow was directly bull's-eyed in his god damned anus!
Doc Beauzerau lol think i just did
Sooty Stan Nooooooo! My millet! I'm ruined!
30 minutes ago. 5 Comments
Wenatchee Kid Ha! Yes sir, those harebrained savages couldn't have picked a less valuable item to make off with.
Prospectin' Doyle Them eight bags of millet must have set you back an arm and a leg. Haw haw! Dumb red-skins!
Sooty Stan I was serious! That millet was my god-danged nest egg.
Prospectin' Doyle Ooooohhhhh lordy.
Cincinnati Pete Tryin' real hard not to betray an unkind chuckle over here.
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz my beautiful red hair finally grew back! it's a miracle!
36 minutes ago. 4 Comments
Doc Beazerau coulda sworn i just treated Big Red Hackman for an acute case of scalping...
Doc Beazerau coulda sworn he said the injun what scalped him looked curiously familiar.............
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz don't know what kind of ugly insinuation you're trying to make, Doc.
Doc Beazerau haha whatever paskiewicz
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt, Wild Ron, John Red Eagle, Mad Bill Boothe, Doc Beauzerau, Sooty Stan and 28 other pardners have joined the group SHERIFF PAWLEY IS AN INCOMPETENT BARREL OF HORSE-SHIT.
Bronco Bob Any whores left alive? Did anybody see if them Lahontan got the whores? Can somebody kindly inform me regardin' the status of the local whores?
45 minutes ago. 0 Comments
June Carson What if the brutes return? Won't a big strong man come and protect a lady's honor?
45 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Sheriff Pawley The Lahontan raid has subsided, folks. No significant losses. The storehouse is mostly intact, praise the Lord. Only thing they took was eight bags of millet seed.
1 hour ago. 4 Comments
Cowboy Charlie No dead? We're in your debt, Sheriff.
Mad Bill Boothe We got our differences, Sheriff, but I speak for all of us when I say we're much obliged for the minimal casualties.
Sheriff Pawley My apologies for an incomplete report. Just heard from Doc Beauzerau, and the casualties stand at somewhere near twenty.
Mad Bill Boothe Well God damn you to hell, you useless son of a whore.
Boyd Boon Just saw a lady walking down the center of town with a danged arrow sticking straight out of her! That ain't no way for a modest Christian lady to go around.
1 hour ago. 0 Comments
Tallahassee Parcy Lord, please hollow these sockets bare, for my eyes have been depraved by the sights. I have today borne witness to terrible mutilations.
1 hour ago. 2 Comments
Slimy Morgan Tarnations, Parcy! What did them savages do to your kin?
Tallahassee Parcy My apologies. This ain't about the raid, Miss Prudence tried to sell me one of them horrifying apple core dolls.

Blackboots McCoy Tried to shoot one of them Lahontan sons of bitches but I hit his horse instead. Lord absolve me, I done a terrible thing.
1 hour ago. 0 Comments

Tiny Madison Anyone know a discreet physician qualified for to treat a mighty embarassin injury?
1 hour ago. 1 Comment
Slimy Morgan There ain't but one doctor in this town and it's Beauzerau. God save us.
June Carson The savages are raiding! Oh, me, I hope they don't ravage a defenseless woman...
1 hour ago. 1 Comment
Bad James Randall In your dreams, Floyd.
Doc Beauzerau oh shit, here we go again. set up a triage outside my practice but i'm like five eighths drunk right now so don't blame me if y
1 hour ago. 0 Comments
Cowboy Bradley Fixin' to die now, God bless y'all.
1 hour ago. 0 Comments
Cowboy Bradley Just seen a couple of Indian boys making trouble by the saloon. Told em to stop, but then I got shot in my torso with an arrow.
1 hour ago. 0 Comments
Sheriff Pawley Everyone stay inside your homes. Deputies report a Lahontan war party two miles out.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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