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Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe just want y'all to know the law is in good hands. As my first act of frontier justice, I'm overturnin' the corrupt incarceration of my dear friend Johnny Hunt.
4 minutes ago. 5 Comments
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt WOOOOHOOOO
Francis Pawley Gonna be sick.
Doc Beauzerau uh oh
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt Seem to recall havin' a score to settle with a certain doc.
Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe Lookin' forward to an eventful term as beloved sheriff.
Father Gerald I fear a day of reckoning is at hand. The Lord is going to visit a great wrath for the terrible transgression that has occurred here today.
12 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Francis Pawley You said it, Father. May God have mercy on all y'all.
The Wenatchee Kid well heck, least ya could do is give the new sheriff a chance to prove his chops before we go passin' judgment.
Father Gerald I was talking about the new recipe they just started using at Sweet Gulch. Those biscuits used to be so heavenly.
Mad Bill Boothe is now known as Mad Sheriff Bill Boothe.
15 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Sheriff Pawley is now known as Francis Pawley
15 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe was elected Sheriff of These Parts.
15 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Cowboy Charlie just finished tallyin' up all these votes. How'd I get stuck with this job again? Anyways, was damn near close to a tie, but Boothe wins by one.
30 minutes ago. 4 Comments
Blackboots McCoy Sure you can't count them votes again, Charlie? I had everything down to my spurs ridin' on Pawley.
Cowboy Charlie Ya know ya could have voted, McCoy.
Blackboots McCoy Aw heck, was that what you was talkin' about when you kept askin me who I wanted for sheriff? Thought you was tryin' ta get the inside scoop for bettin'. Maybe I can make it double or nothin'. When's the next round?
Duke Yer one profoundly stupid man, McCoy. Don't ever change.
Sheriff Pawley We're in the last moments, folks. Would be awfully grateful if y'all recognized my years of dedicated service to this here community, all the times I stopped roughnecks from dynamitin' establishments, outlaws from raidin' yer goods, and trains from bein' plundered. Thank ye much.
1 hour ago ago. 2 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe Was you doin' all that in the next town over? 'Cause I have it on good authority as an eye witness that many trains were plundered under your intrepid law enforcin'. Or was you just lyin' just now?
Sheriff Pawley God damn you.
Mad Bill Boothe Goodness gracious, voters. If I'm to believe the spoken word of many a honest citizen, the right honorable Sheriff Pawley is currently engaged in unnatural congress with a swine.
2 hours ago. 6 Comments
Doc Beauzerau lol, i gotta see this. where's he at?
Sheriff Pawley That is a goddang lie and you know it. I've been out tryin' to knock some sense into that Hoyle idiot half the night.
Mad Bill Boothe Pardon me, Pawley. Was merely passin' on the word of the votin' public. Unlike you I give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to tellin' the truth. That's somethin' the law oughta always do.
Duke Hate to say it, Pawley, but Bill is runnin' circles around you. Seems like he might be the only logical choice. And for Christ's sake, a HOG????
Jim Hoyle Sheriff Pawley lost my vote on account of his refusin' to let me dynamite that no good barkeep in the face.
Vaquero Esquerra somebody better do something because jim hoyle's drunk and waving dynamite around again.
5 hours ago. 3 Comments
Rapid City Russ where ya guys drinkin???
Hoagy Calhoun we're at Howlin' Dog, least till the fuse runs out.
Tiny Madison save me some coffin varnish, amigos.
John Red Eagle On behalf of my tribal brothers, may the spirits guide Mad Bill Boothe to victory.
7 hours ago. 4 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe I can't accept yer vote bein' that yer a savage and all, but much obliged for the endorsement.
Cincinnati Pete Aw heck, I was fixin' to vote for Bill, but if John is endorsing him that can only mean he expects Bill to cause more harm for us whites than good. Guess I'll stick my lot with Pawley.
Sheriff Pawley That's what I've been tryin' to tell ya idiots about Boothe.
Mad Bill Boothe Somebody fetch that mousy fella from the newspaper over here, because Pawley just declared all voters "idiots."
Slimy Morgan the docs been awfully quiet on this election business. beauzerau, what say you as a educated man?
9 hours ago. 8 Comments
Doc Beauzerau well, as town doctor I can only speak in terms of medical fitness. Mad Bill Boothe's in good shape if you discount those saddle sores he's always comin' to me to drain, some of which are the size of sweet gulch's biscuits. probably filled two or three buckets on just his backside alone.
Doc Beauzerau haven't had occasion to treat pawley, cept for the three or four times he's come in all prolapsed. his anus is more inside out than blackboot mccoy's pockets. he also fainted when i treated his smallpox.
Yodelin' Red Paskiewicz glad to hear I'm not the only one always prolapsin' in this town. Swear to god it's those biscuits at the sweet gulch.
Sooty Stan not that I like to parade my rectal deficiencies before the public, but lord almighty I've had my hindquarters pop out damn near three times this week. Do love those biscuits, though.
Blackboots McCoy my finances are just fine, thank you very much. Got a pretty sum ridin' on this election, point in fact.
Sheriff Pawley Soon as I'm re-elected, you can damn well bet I'm roundin' up a posse to deal with this Sweet Gulch biscuit situation.
Wild Ron I'm not a smart man, but seems to me we're payin an awfully small price for what I think are the best damn biscuits in the west, believe you me.
Mad Bill Boothe There you have it. Vote for Pawley if yer worried about biscuits runnin' afoul of yer rear end. Vote for me if y'all want peace and justice in this here land.
Sheriff Pawley Y'all better turn out in favor of the law, else we're lookin' at the worst miscarriage of justice in votin' history. Vote Pawley... or else.
12 hours ago. 5 Comments
Mad Bill Boothe That a threat? Tryin' to intimidate voters is mighty low, even for you, Pawley. If elected, I promise to uphold the votin' rights of all my constituents and not tar and feather them, as Sheriff Pawley aims to do.
Sheriff Pawley Now I ain't said nothin' 'bout no tar and featherin', Boothe. Let's keep this election good and clean.
Mad Bill Boothe That'd be a first for you.
Tallahassee Parcy Pawley, I know yer in the right far as representin' law goes, but Lord help me I long to see this world burn mightily, with every last heathen bastard gasping for air as the flood of spilt blood rises higher and higher. Would be a purdy sight to these eyes.
Mad Bill Boothe Appreciate the vote, Parcy. Will do what I can to accommodate all my supporters.

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