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This week we bring you one of the most talked-about games in recent memory: Rockstar's coming-of-age game Bully. This is a game that generated a great deal of controversy when it was first announced, but much of this controversy has turned out to be inaccurate speculation. The game is actually a story of one child's harrowing experience at school avoiding rather than becoming a bully. There is none of the racism, sex or bad language predicted by critics and only moderate violence and mayhem. Until now. We unleash Bully to its fullest potential with a series of eyebrow-raising Gamesharks. Parents just won't understand.

Boxing Outfit
Unlock the boxing outfit (appears in your locker).

760E3380 00000000
089B433A 0CA57A56

Hellworth Transformation
Bullworth always looks like it does during underworld transitions.

760DAE20 00000000
089B120A 0CA57A56

Excited Kids
All children have perpetual erections including girls.

76098280 00000000
089B54A8 0CA57A0F

Train Tracks
Replaces Russell with a white-haired Sourthern gentleman and replaces the fight in chapter one with a rhythm game in which you must tie an escaped slave to train tracks to the beat of "Tequila" by the Champs.

760FB960 00000000
089B6C21 0CA57A56

Hot Grease
Adds a secret room under the train bridge that is hidden behind flattened cardboard boxes. Inside you will find several dead schoolgirls as well as a few still being raped by greasers. You can talk to the greasers and get a key that gives you a go kart. Come back here at any time to rape a girl and regain health. If the girl dies be sure to use the quicklime (in the corner) on her or you will be called into the principal's office when you return to Bullworth.

7602A120 00000000
089B6CD2 0CA57A56

A Modest Preposition
All spoken prepositions are replaced with a recording of a woman screaming a randomly-selected racial slur.

7602218CF0 00000000
089BH9A8 0BB57A0F

Cumfarter Costume
You must have the funnel in your inventory for this to work.

760BF350 00000000
089B121B 0CA57A0F

Wow! We're not ones to judge here at Codelords, but it's my guess this is going to land Rockstar in another cup of Hot Coffee!

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Dr. Oogar Volasovik Kilyakovich is our resident gaming expert. He holds a doctorate in Koptsinkro Divination from the Georgian Online Academy of Orthodox Mysticism.

Salutations travelers. It is said in East that something which is experienced alone is not real, but it becomes real when it is shared with others. Therefore, we approach the realest genre of gaming in existence; the multiplayer first person shooter.

Electronic Arts has recently released first person shooter with ground combat and air combat called Battlefield 2142. Many say codes will not work in such games, but this is pure poppycock. Codes work better giving the player of the game skills and achievements which are then shared with other players. Because of the obfuscatorious nature of the Internet videogame it is not certain whether it is skill with game alone or skill with codes which give the player his amazing ability. Thus assured, the legend continues.

Here are code:

Probably next to number one at top. Go ahead and hit it.

Should be up if you hit tilda.

No quotes.

Hovertenk Nekomata.

Console and type "KRATAKOA".

Now you have unlimited seabreeze missiles and shoot with no realoadink.

No fire. He is called a "Boldonsko". Make enemies so they have no fire by enter:

Let him try and shoot you now!

For right now, this is all code.

Okay, I go.

I salute the brave warriors of Internet war. Conquer and remember what the doctor always says: from the East we will come one day and our frozen steppes have made us immune to cold and our fiery beverages have made us immune to fire and you will quake in your shoes. Like the videogame hit. Quake 4!

Also is code for Metroid game. I did not have time to write that at all, so other staffers with less doctorates wrote this code article. Metroid, I shrug, it is for the direst Gamecube. We feed Gamecube to little babies in East...and they hate it! They spit it out and spit on it. East only likes Microsoft Xbox and top action game Halo 2. Does Gamecube evolve ancient art of combat? Nyet. Gamecube evolves non-ancient art of Pikmining. Who does Pikmining?

Answer is no one. No one in East does Pikmining. Hate Pikmining with fire of ten thousand suns. Shoot Pikminers on sight and hang carcasses from trees.

But Metroid is maybe very good. Hey, who am I to be the judge? I am just a holder of a doctorate from online university in great nation of Georgia with highest number of hits all of last week. There could be someone who is doctor twice and loves Metroid.

Codelords features a retrospective on a great overlooked game from previous years once per week. This look back includes exciting information about the game as well as invaluable retro cheats! Pick these old gems up and play them in style!

This week's retro game is a truly unique and exciting tactical first person shooter that received critical acclaim, but was sadly ignored by consumers. Terrence Malick's TacOps (Playstation) was originally intended as a movie tie-in for 1998's "The Thin Red Line". When audiences turned their back on the film, publisher THQ felt that Malick's name would actually be more valuable on the game's box cover. Malick, who originally had nothing to do with THQ and developer Ronin Moebius Penultimate, became heavily involved in the game's development when he learned that it was going to be named after him. For the remainder of the game's development process, Malick worked closely with Ronin.

The result of Malick's tinkering is a game that is sublime, dull, intense and beautiful. It is a tactical first person shooter in which you have limited control over a squad of US Army soldiers storming various islands in the Pacific. The game thrusts the player into the boots of Private Witt, as voiced by James Caviezel, a particularly introspective and philosophical warrior. Caviezel recorded more than nine hours of voiceover and these are heard alongside more then six hours of material (many of it unused) from the movie "The Thin Red Line".

Each stage begins with a mission briefing, of sorts, that is either voiced by one of Witt's superiors or is simply a meditation by Witt on the course of the battle. Mission objectives are clearly labeled on the map, but are often nebulous or bizarre. The third level sees Witt enduring a nine minute artillery barrage. Once it ends a pop-up instructs you to contemplate the carnage by hovering your gun sights over at least ten wounded bodies and 50 jungle plants and animals. Every single object is contemplated in voiceover by Caviezel. During the free-roving missions hovering your gun sight over plants for roughly ten seconds is the only way to heal your character.

Combat consists of firing blindly through tall grass and dense jungle in the direction of the enemy. After a battle Witt must talk to each of his fellow soldiers, pour water on their heads, massage their sore muscles or embrace them lovingly. While some may titter at these sequences, there is nothing sexual in nature and they can be very moving if you allow yourself to be drawn in by the gentle background noises and sparse music.

When Ronin submitted the finished product to THQ, the developers insisted they increase the carnage in the latter stages of the game and add some comic relief.

Bruce Campbell was hired to voice an acerbic non-commissioned officer who repeatedly radios Witt with sarcastic comments about the battle. The game, which had ended with Witt dying, was revamped to include several levels that take place inside a Japanese underworld. These levels see Witt and soldiers who died earlier in the game assaulting a techno-fortress inhabited by genetically altered Japanese zombies. These levels are even better than the earlier levels and really bring intense action to a game desperately lacking focus.

Be sure to check your bargain bins for a used copy of Terrence Malick's TacOps and plug in to the codes that will help Private Witt blast his way to victory.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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