It's almost 2013 and a whole new year of tattoo fashion is upon us. Don't get caught with your pants down by rocking the overplayed finger-mustache, tribal designs, video game references, or knuckle tats! A new age approaches, and with it, a new perspective on what it means to mark your body for the rest of your natural life. Check out the four top designs from the North American Tattoo and Body Modification Fashion Expo. These designs had fashionistas and fat cats alike clamoring to get inked, and for good reason!

Truck Regret
Gas guzzlers are out! Instead of taking the financial hit of selling your old rig and buying a hybrid, however, it's much cooler to stick with the ol' bad boy and express your regret through tattoo.
Suggested placements: Top of wrist, upper arm, back of calf.
First Motorcycle
In years past, you might've shied away from revealing the true age at which you purchased your hog. Throw that trepidation to the wind and be proud of your middle-aged crotch rocket!
Suggested placements: Sternum, shoulder blade, neck.
Spider Killer
Arachnids are one of the most feared critters of all, but you can show your friends that you don't put up with their guff by adorning your skin for the rest of your natural life with this hot logo.
Suggested placements: Spider smashin' hand, forearm, upper leg.
Sex Guy
This one's for the fellas and is guaranteed to let everyone know you mean business. The enormous lightning bolt shows your ultra-quick nature and willingness to get down at the drop of a hat.
Suggested placements: Center of chest, face, stigmata.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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