We have a lot of feedback on the marches that have been taking place. Activism is good, but activism should be radically inclusive and should leave everyone feeling welcome.

You are only supporting the continuation of the patriarchy by using gendered insults against Trump on your signs. Please do not call Donald Trump any of the following:

  • That Big Bitch
  • Cry Baby Bitch Boy
  • King Bitch
  • Adolf Bitchler
  • Gross Pig Bitch
  • That Big Ol' Bitch With Them Tiny Baby Hands

That word may make Donald Trump mad, it may make him angrier than anything, but DO NOT use it on your signs. It is a hurtful word and there is no reason to equate gender with a negative quality. Just because Donald hates that word and it makes him cry does not mean others won't cry. This is a family march.

"Sissy" is not a replacement for bitch. It is homophobic. You may think this meme of Putin and Trump kissing each other is an amusing play on the extreme homophobia of a regime that outlaws homosexual "propaganda" and punishes gay activists. You're wrong. This meme is dividing us. Please do not make any more homophobic posters of Donald Trump...

  • ...hugging Putin while shirtless
  • ...kissing Putin
  • ...jacking off Putin
  • ...getting humped by Putin
  • ...jacking off Putin into jars and placing heart stickers on the jars and placing those jars on a curio shelf
  • ...creating a virility idol of Putin and anointing himself ritualistically from the Putin cum jars
  • ...making a cum pentagram and summoning the Putin devil to jack him off more

These marches are about inclusion and diversity in the face of Trump's racism, but that does not mean you need to use your fellow marchers as props in your own diversity fantasy. Do not take pictures of black, brown, muslim, gay, lesbian or transgendered marchers in the midst of the crowd. Do not celebrate the diversity on your terms. This is imposing your worldview onto them. You must celebrate it on their terms. In a special diversity zone where it is OK to be happy that you are standing with minorities.

Please remember to never photograph happy or supportive police officers. This is a reminder that your protest is actually bad if it does not make the police angry. Think about that for a second: why is your day time protest against Trump not making police angry like a night time protest against the police? Give up? It's because of privilege.

There has been quite a bit of body-shaming and kink-shaming surrounding Trump. This is unfortunate, because people of all shapes, sizes, and fetishes are welcome in our marches. A potato in a diaper with the arms of a toy dinosaur glued to it is not an appropriate prop to bring to the march. We welcome dumpy-bodied loafs crammed into diapers with vestigial limbs flapping around bonelessly. We do not judge them if they are human toilets. That is a normal and good thing and we certainly do not want to make fun of some pluggy, grass-haired Halloween trash bag full of bad steaks yearning to drown in a Volga of piss.

Tacky people are people too, so please do not make fun of President Trump for covering himself head to toe in grease paint and having a golden throne built in the White House. Do not make fun of him if he starts riding around on a gem-encrusted Segway. Definitely do not depict him riding white tigers with Putin and both of them are draped in medals and wearing crowns and jacking each other off. This is disgustingly homophobic.

Regardless of race, religion, creed, disability, or hobbies, we want you at our marches. We welcome everyone, from the union worker, to the undocumented immigrant, to the gay muslim person of color, to the spray-tanned, toddler-limbed, yacht shorts full of dookie wearing, kids-looking-like-wax-works pisspig billionaire gigabitch. Join us and resist!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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