28 Identity - reconstruction of personality - a nigga gotta die to be the Makaveli

29 all a nigga wanna do is get cake, opens fridge

30 a busta dies and comes back; as a vampire? - sick ending

31 Fog or smoke - the dankest weed, the word "feel me" emanates from within

32 Strident music emits from car - doors open - no visible driver (spectre?)


33 A man dies - body lives on and continues to produce albums

34 man transforms from nobody nigga to big man on the block using magick'd incantations (dies)

35 New grow lights illuminate strange symbols on weed leaf - when smoke'd weed makes niggas better at madden - at terrible price

36 Nigga consumes forty ounces of malt liquor. Unspeakable flows. Unspeakable prose.

37 a nigga finds cursed mic in alley, can only freestyle in forgotten pre-human tongue

38 too much booty in the pants - can booty alter time-space

39 unearthly sound of police helicopter torments musician

40 curse turns sailor into a tree - niggas find tree - smoke tree - they become trees - repeating cycle

41 Vampire bitch


42 A nigga order a sheetcake from Safeway bakery only to find cake is haunted

43 A nigga want to stab a bitch who be takin too long in the line at McDonalds (plus the McDonalds be haunted)

44 USDA stamp on meat with strange appearance in Aldis - they tryin to kill a nigga with this bullshit - Cyclopean bullshit

45 a dead wizard's pager contains strange digits

46 weed smoke emanating from a big black cock, as though it has just been fired

47 a boat with 24" rims - the boat has a trap door that leads to the hard rock cafe in london. terrifying.

48 Hood Genie / A niggas wish to spit hot fire goes horribly wrong

49 A nigga would like to make known his desires - to party, fuck bitches, and make money - but ain't sure how

50 This one time a nigga saw a dog that was all messed up looking - not sure how a nigga can describe it

51 a nigga enjoy some lean - able to see beyond angle of reality? elder ones? that some fuckin powerful drank

52 Sneaky nigga go round shakin peoples dogs while they sleepin. Owners wake to find their dogs overcome by Heebie Jeebies

53 a gunshot wound appears on a niggas hand suddenly and without apparent cause. hoes. blunts. Consequences.

54 Nigga slings drugs to child, when he realizes it is the ghost of his unborn son. Nigga child produces cosmic and horrible amounts of flow.

55 a thug mansion... in the sky

56 death row nigga eats last meal off first press lp of strictly business. summons ancient beats from the ocean floor. total chaos. no mass confusion. rhymes so hypnotizing as to cause an illusion.

57 Catastrophic typhoon of uncontrollable fury decimates archaic metropolis - effects white flight or nature's wrath?

58 decaying baltic city on the sea - wizards scrye a dank merchant nigga's fell deeds through eldritch portals (murdered by gay nigga?)

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