Monk has to buy a new suit for Natalie's court appearance. While picking one out he has to pursue a cannibal serial killer responsible for the torture and mutilation of six women.


Disher is not one of the cops killed by Dr. Lecter. He is knocked out in the background during the escape.

Traylor Howard's sister played one of Stottlemeyer's victims.

The night vision goggles Stottlemeyer wears during the finale are monocular when the view from his perspective is binocular.


Monk: You don't need me in court. Why do you need me?
Natalie: Mister Monk, you were looking at my car when the accident happened.
Monk: Um, technically I was looking at the mirror, it had a spot of-
Natalie: Mister Monk!

Monk: How is coming to this disgusting prison supposed to help us with the case?
Natalie: This Lecter guy can help you-
Inmate: I can smell your cunt!
Monk: Oh God!
Natalie: Mister Monk, hold still!
Monk: Wipe! Wipe! Oh, I can't look at it! What is it, Natalie?
Natalie: It's ah...
Monk: Please tell me it's ranch dressing.

Buffalo Stottlemeyer: It rubs the lotion on its skin. Soft and supple.
Natalie: Mister Monk is coming for you, you...weirdo!
Buffalo Stottlemeyer: It rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.
Natalie: I don't want to-
Buffalo Stottlemeyer: It will put the lotion on its skin or it will suffer. Won't it, Precious?
Natalie: Okay. Okay, alright.
Buffalo Stottlemeyer: It will put the lotion in the basket.
Natalie: Look, we can work something out. Adrian Monk...
Buffalo Stottlemeyer: Put the fucking lotion in the fucking basket, bitch!

Buffalo Stottlemeyer: I want to show you something, Mister Monk.
Monk: What are you doing? No...with the robe...oh...
Buffalo Stottlemeyer: Would you fuck me?
Monk: The uh...if you just...tuck this back...
Buffalo Stottlemeyer: What the fuck? Don't touch me, man!
Monk: You'll thank me later.

Monk: Natalie are you there? I can't see anything!
Natalie: Mister Monk! Look out Mister Monk!
Monk: Oh God, what am I touching?
Natalie: Mister Monk! I'm in the pit!
Monk: Natalie! Do you have wipes down there?

Natalie: Ask him to pay us!
Monk: Natalie, I can't do that.
Natalie: Here he comes, ask him!
Captain Stottlemeyer: Hi Natalie, Monk. Look I am so sorry my cousin tried to kill you both.
Monk: It's okay. Who would have thought our private lives would intersect with a murderer?
Natalie: Ahem!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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