The SA forums have many subforums, and Bronze Fonz makes a pretty accurate political statement about how one of them works.

Few people truly live up to their forums name. RepeatingMeme, though, way to follow through!

Even more completely on-target commentary from frankenfreak. C-SPAM is like what I imagine is going on inside coma victims' heads when people leave the news on in their hospital room for "company".

Whenever people like RandomPaul call it "D&D" I get momentarily excited at the prospect of knocking off warmouse riders with my +1 gnomehammer. But no, it's just dumb poopy news stuff.

Listen to Palpek, lady. Atomic-fetishist space elves are inappropriate at every age.

I have no idea what Paladinus is talking about here. Btw, just throwing this out there but anybody know where to get tiger tranquilizers? Like, hypod...thetically?

I had to look up this JcDent reference because I had never once gone in the guns subforum. I still haven't, but I'm sure the joke makes sense... to someone!

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