PoptartsNinja took twenty weeks off work to donate their kidney to a feral ferret.

This StandardVC10 image is classic "humor in uniform": a guy named after an airplane calls a guy on a boat gay.

The following three images by Heather Papps sing the praises of my personal favorite corner of SA, BYOB, the chill nice forum! Every subforum has its problems but nobody in BYOB has ever told me to kill myself because I don't own enough. It's a unique community.

I can tell spaceblancmange doesn't like overexplaining their jokes, which must be hard with a name that seriously took me days to realize was a pun.

frankenfreak is now joking about individual forums members I'm not sure are even still active. But damn, that font-match! Those recontextualized expressions! You "win" this week fellow frankenfeller, well franken-done.

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