Empty Sandwich finally provides a little context... for the one joke that's supposed to be a secret to outsiders!!! Jeez it's like the whole thing is a contrarian farce or something...

All you need to know to understand this joke by Belbos Computer is that goon projects don't just fail, they fail so spectacularly as to dim your hopes for humankind.

Bloody Hedgehog recalls the scandal that forever convinced Lowtax to refuse anything even remotely resembling revenue streams for SA, no matter how innocuous or desperately needed they are. I hope you're enjoying Photoshop (Every-Twelfth-or-so)Phridays, guys!

Jaguars! will argue over literally anything. Oh wow what a great kids' book idea...

Hm... Bronze Fonz, do I just not get this Groverhaus reference or are you in the wrong thread again?

RandomPaul reads the kinds of threads I get told to take my hot takes to by mods, but then when I start lurking there I get so depressed I have to go back to the fun threads and just shut the hell up about my pet issues. See? Some online communities do work.

Okay I give up Captain Slack, I don't even know what to search SAclopedia for. You win "most obscure reference" in a very crowded field, congrats.

Wait! We have a late entry! Cable Guy mocks GRINDCORE MEGGIDO from a few lines earlier in the same thread. I'm sorry Captain Slack but this is like an in-joke singularity. Cable Guy wins the totally fake prize I just made up and means nothing.

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