The "snypas" referenced in this Xaintrailles image are forums users who like to make the first posts on new pages of threads. I still haven't figured out how it's done without resorting to ninja edits. Part of me doesn't want to know.

Ah yes, Mooey Cow, now this forums phenomenon I understand.

This Belbos Computer image recalls an all-time great moment in SA forums history. I don't know if anybody actually lost a fingat but some gaming consoles definitely got ruined.

The best photomanipulations, like this LadyPictureShow submission, seem to fit their new context even better than their old ones.

Thanks to frankenfreak I now remember the name of the poster who blew up his PS1 with thermite, but what is a Ranccor anyway? Isn't it like an HVAC company or something?

If you think some dork blowing up video games in 2011 is an obscure reference, this image by TheMostFrench is, I think, a reference to this forums story from 2007. I could totally be wrong about that though.

Few people truly live up to their forums name. RepeatingMeme, though, way to follow through!

This image by itry is so confident you'll get the joke it doesn't even mention "carrying" and it completely takes out Rosie the Riveter, so really all you have to go on is color fields, font, a nondescript stock photo and a lot of reading between the lines. I love it.

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