The giftshop, while not yet open to the public, boasted all sorts of carefully engineered sexual devices, in the hopes of enticing more horses and humans to fornicate and create a master race of guorses.

Or, if not guorses, at least the more familiar hybrid: centaurs.

It was a true bestiality bonanza....

...complete with training kits to help women accomodate an equine endowment.

A sensitive guorse, our host made sure to include options for the vegetable fetishists among us, raising an important question: what do you call someone who is sexually aroused by vegetables? Besides "Michael Schiavo", I mean.

Yes, there was something for everyone here at Guorse's Giftshop.

Including do-it-yourself Guorse kits for those who wanted to assume another identity...

...or a different kind of position.

And so as we spun deep into the night, it became clear, if things continue the way they are, we face a future filled with harmony and horsecocks. Oh happy day. Oh happy, horsey day.

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Thanks to:

  • FelchTragedy for the video.
  • DeathMike, Organized Grime, Erasmus Chevalier, Banrai, d8uv, Keyboard Fox, Sky Roundfield, Irquois Reve, Gunther Withnail, Michael Moore, Fok Yue, Mikka, GoodAron, Akasha Wachmann, GoodAaron, Sally Hedges, Billybobgeorgebob, and the rest of the SLS goons that participated.
  • SkellingTon Loc, Fucky, RETARDED FAGGOT, Olewithmilk, Gray Garrison, and the rest of BYOB for their mspaint contributions.
  • – Chris "Petey" Peterson

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