Now you're just adding fuel to the fire.

I wonder if when Mark was typing that he thought Emma Watson would show up to his house and thank him for posting that heartfelt message and then cuddle with him on the couch while watching all the Harry Potter movies. Sorry Mark but that chick is out getting wasted and fucking dudes like any upstanding actress would do. She's experiencing things you could only dream about and none of those experiences include you. You will die alone and they will bury you with an Emma Watson poster as a big joke and then laugh at you as they lower the casket and post the video on YouTube. Dead men can't make copyright claims.

I know it's not right to hack someone's web site but this made me laugh anyway.

Luna Lovegood's fart kills Voldemort.

Ron and then another version of Ron with penises for arms.

Airdrop some Harry Potter books for our boys in Iraq. They need 'em more than we do!

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