Fallen Anime High

I think it's some high school anime role playing shit. Who knows.

It's called Warhammer "40K" because that's how much money you'll spend collecting all of it.

Well, at least he or she isn't role playing the full Japanese experience. Japanese people actually do well in school.

Namiko was arrested for assault and lost her scholarship to Tokyo High School and killed herself that night.

This is cruelty.

I swear, this is going to be turned into a television show some day.

Do any of these people think about the logistics of what they are writing? How do you sneak into a small classroom without someone noticing you? COME ON YOU ROLE PLAYING FUCKS. IF YOU ARE GOING TO ROLE PLAY THEN DO IT RIGHT. I don't think my stress ball can take much more of this.

This sounds more like Anime Special Ed High School.

This image is very uhhh.

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