At that moment seven tentacles shot out of Ookami and plunged into every orifice of the young schoolgirl's body. She came instantly.

Faye, being the young whore that she is, started to massage her breasts right there in the cafeteria. As she bit on her own nipples she was scared that someone might find her masturbating right there but she could not resist. Her hands moved slowly down to her crotch where she found that her penis had grown fully erect.

As she waited her horniness grew to astounding levels. She began to massage her pussy through her panties as it started to soak the frabric. Pushing her panties to one side she plunged both hands into her wet sopping cunt while licking her own tits. As she came milk shot out from her nipples and her belly became swollen. "What? I'm pregnant?" She yelled out. But she was just too horny to stop. She realized she was actually being fucked and her stomach filled with ejaculate! But by who? No one was around. As she came and came her belly grew and soon it exploded and she died. The inivisible demon laughed and ate the remains of her cum soaked corpse.

Rush was bored so he decided to find the nearest girl and give her an enema. He placed a tube in Ayakami's asshole and filled it with motor oil. The girl squirmed and pleaded for him to stop but his lust was too insatiable. But Rush forgot like he always does that motor oil can kill someone if you put it in their ass and soon she was dead. No bother, he turned into a tentacle demon and fucked the corpse and came and then fucked the teacher that came in and fucked another girl on the way home, killing both. That night he watched the O'Reily factor and went to sleep.

I hope you are all enjoying my erotic Japanese stories.


What most people didn't know is that Yuni was expelled from her last school for being a cum whore. That didn't change at her new school either. As she was moving things into her room a man approached her and asked to smell her feet. Being a young Japanese girl in a new school she could do nothing else but comply. He began to feel her ass and pussy and she squirmed and passively tried to push away but he slapped her and continued his assault on her ass. The juices now flowing like a waterfall from her cunt, she breathed heavily. She thought of asking the police officer watching and jerking off for help but she knew that would be pointless. As the man continued to lick her pussy she got so horny that she grew a penis right then and there. The man was not surprised at all, and continue to suck her dick while the officer took the back end. They came all over her.


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