Raytoons, submitted by Tristero. I'm not going to bash this site too hard, because it appears to me that the author is an 8-year-old boy who really likes birds and may or may not be mentally insane. Actually, based on some of his content, he would appear to be older, but it's difficult to tell. What you've got here are lots of short but hilarious animated movie clips each about two seconds in length, and tons of wacky comics and art. The movie clips are worth watching, mainly because they never have any context, don't really tell a story, and look awful. Seeing an anthropomorphic duck staring at one of its hands, which has lens flares circling it, is a theatric moment that doesn't come often. When you add in the part where the duck says "wow" in the most unexcited and heavily medicated voice possible, the pie just gets all the more sweater.

Ray also includes awesome sound effects on his site. Each page loads up with a few notes of inappropriate music for no reason whatsoever other than to further the multimedia tour de force that is this site. For example, some of the pages inexplicably load with dreary synth music, evoking the harsh landscapes of "Blade Runner." This all goes perfectly with Ray's bright and colorful cartoon style. Beyond sound and video, there are oodles of comics here. One is called "Pigmen of the Press," a hilarious satire on hilarious satires. By that I mean it's not funny and very painful, much like eating a jar full of urine soaked crucifixes. Case in point:

Sadly, the millions of other comics he has done aren't funny either. I guess he forgot that entertainment was one of the main goals. The overall design of the site is pretty funny, though. I give young Raymond's efforts an A+, but only in the metric alphabet. That roughly translates to an F everywhere else.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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