Concentration Camp Movie (2004)

Directed by:
Jason Friedberg

Writing credits:
Jason Friedberg (written by) &
Aaron Seltzer (written by)

Genre: Concentration Camps / Knee-Slappin' Fun

Tagline: Get out of your attic and into the theaters! We spent all our comedy rations on this one!

Plot Outline: Hop on a comedy train to war-torn Europe, where the question is whether you'll laugh or die first. We're guessing the former!

User Comments: Lox of laughs! Zyklon-B there or be square! (more)

User Rating: A STAR!?NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!! 1.0 / 10 (5,933,900 votes)

Credited cast:
Jon Heder
....Napoleon Dynaweiss
Chris Kattan
....Adolf Hitler
Carlos Mencia
....Joseph Goebbels
Rick Moranis
....Heinrich Himmler
Richard Lewis
....Token Skinny Man Holding Cupped Hands Out Of Bars For Food
Eddie Griffin
....Tyrone Crunkenstein
Patrice O'Neal
....Dee-Ron Rosenbling
Chris Tucker
....Jamaal "Funkbox" Gangstaberg
Peyton Manning
....Laser Rocket Soap (Cameo)
Kate "Fork Banger" Moss....Laura the Graphic Designer

Runtime: 94 min
Country: USA
Language: English / Dying Rasp
Color: Blue filter with selective coloring
Sound Mix: Nekromantic
Certification: USA:R

AMDB Trivia:

  • Filming was delayed three weeks after a prankster transcribed Schindler's List in invisible ink. Friedberg later worked the shtick into the film after removing the "Holocaust Sympathizers Can't Read" joke under legal pressure.
  • Another lawsuit nearly arose when Friedberg added "...because their sense of humor sucks!" to a disclaimer saying the National Association of Jewish Persons had nothing to do with the film.
  • To create an authentic feel, Friedberg rewarded the extras for smearing their feces on the wall by letting them smell their food an extra three seconds before it was fed to dogs.
  • Mencia was criticized harshly by cast and fans alike for plagiarizing a Martin Luther King speech in one of his scenes. The speech, entitled "I Have a Beaner", was a near carbon-copy of the similarly named King address. Mencia only relented and admitted to the theft when Joe Rogan gave him a hug and promised he wouldn't make him look like a bitch again.
  • Peyton Manning only agreed to the role of Laser Rocket Soap when producers promised no actual soap would come into contact with his face. Eli Manning was initially approached for the part but was turned down after producers decided he was too whiny to be authentically Jewish.
  • The movie, marketed as a "lighthearted spoof of WWII films", came under heavy fire upon its release. One Jewish leader called the film "an insipid example of American antisemitism". Friedberg fired off an angry press release hours later, telling the leader to "get a fucking rhinoplasty before addressing me again".
  • Mencia stormed off the set after the cast played a prank that involved tying the comedian's arms to his side and saying "if Horatio Sanz can't do your job better than you raise your hand".
  • Friedberg narrowly avoided yet another lawsuit after "motivating" his actors by putting a picture of a Jewish person under a sign that said "THE ENEMY" in fake blood. To escape litigation he claimed the photograph was "a mere coincidence" and that the sign was supposed to point at a filing cabinet, adding "yes, filing cabinets are the enemy".
  • The film was originally slated to be a Japanese animation, but redlighted when producers realized Japanese cartoonists can't draw noses.
  • Chris Tucker was chosen for his role after a vocal audition convinced the producers he was the world's only nasally voiced black man.
  • Protesters vandalized the film's set by spray painting "Jesus was a Jew" on several props. Again Friedberg returned fire, adding "and he got nailed to a goddamn board for it" to the original graffiti.
  • Another alternate version of the film actually started production, but was scrapped when lawyers questioned the legality of simply redubbing "Schindler's List" with fart noises and the "wah-wah-wah" noise the teacher from "Peanuts" made.
  • Moss originally asked for the role of "shirtless extra #2". Producers declined her wish, noting that her breasts were too small to accurately convey an emaciated Jewish man's chest.
  • Jon Heder had never seen a Jewish person prior to filming and spent much of his time on set wondering why the movie's jokes all flew over his head.
  • Filming faced yet another delay when Rick Moranis mistook Richard Lewis for the female guard from "Oz" and raped him in a corridor.

AMDB Goofs:

  • Factual Errors: Usury is not the national sport of Israel.
  • Factual Errors: The movie "Boondock Saints" is referenced several times. "Boondock Saints" is not a holocaust movie. It is a piece of shit.
  • Anachronisms: Soldiers did not refer to tank treads as "Jew Mashers" until at least 1947.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Soldiers did, however, call scurvy as "Holocaust Herpes" as early as 1937, lending credence to Friedberg's critical essay "Historians Can Bite My Dick".
  • Anachronisms: In one scene Goebbels executes a Jewish man, calling him the "unfunniest sack of unpure semitic waste this world has ever seen." Dane Cook was not born until 1972.
  • Revealing Errors: In several scenes Chris Kattan can be seen reading a script with "TRY TO REALLY KILL THEM" scrawled on its cover in red ink.
  • Factual Errors: "Mein Kampf" does not translate to "Gypsies: Baby-Stealing Euroniggers".
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Hitler says he is going to check his MySpace but the screen shows a Facebook account.
  • Factual Errors: Matthew Sheppard was not a neo-Nazi and did not inadvertently drag himself from the back of a truck while "trying to lasso me some immies".
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Chris Kattan did not mistakenly call "goose stepping" "faggot duck stepping". He was honestly referring to the way he walks.

Memorable Quotes:

Napoleon Dynaweiss: Gosh, Tina! Eat the processed pig genitals, you fat lard!

Dee-Ron Rosenbling: Damn, dawg, we gotta get out of this concentration camp!
Tyrone Crunkenstein: Sho' nuff.

Jamaal "Funkbox" Gangstaberg: Man, I'd kill a sucka for a gawt-dang reuben about right now.
Dee-Ron Rosenbling: Oi vey, my nigga.

Token Skinny Man Holding Cupped Hands Out Of Bars For Food: (Thinking) I never thought it would get this bad. Never in my 34 years would I think humanity could sink this low, that our people could be subjected to such a horrible end. This is hell. I have died and this is hell. This is the only justification I can provide myself. This is the only justification I can provide my aching soul. ...But at least we get plenty of sunshine! Wocka wocka wocka!

Heinrich Himmler: You will all be taken by train to Auschwitz, where you will be held in internment for as long as we deem necessary.
Dee-Ron Rosenbling: (Horrified) Auschwitz?
Tyrone Crunkenstein: Gehzunteit!

Laura the Graphic Designer: You can't expect me to breed with a pit bull! This is incredible!
Joseph Goebbels: Vhat is the problem, holmes?
Laura the Graphic Designer: I only fuck border collies.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade and Chris "Petey" Peterson

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