The Godfather (2006)

Directed by:
Paul W.S. Anderson

Writing credits:
Mario Puzo (novel)
Electronic Arts (videogame)
Mark A. Altman (story)
Dan Bates (story)
Dave Callaham (screenplay)
J.F. Lawfton (screenplay)
Dave Parker (screenplay)

Genre: Crime / Action / Sci-Fi / Horror (more)

Tagline: Blood is thicker than family.

Plot Outline: Based on the hit Electronic Arts videogame for Playstation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360, the Godfather brings the pulse pounding action of urban combat to life. A SWAT team must face off against a shadowy crime boss and his deadly new street drug on (more) (view trailer)

User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 5.3 / 10 (701 votes)

Credited cast:
Marlon Brando....Brandon Marlo/V.I.T.O.
Leonard Nimoy....V.I.T.O.
Karl Urban....Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone
Johnny Knoxville....Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone
Frankie Muniz....Fredo "Sprocket" Corleone
Devon Aoki....Kay Adams
James Caan....Pete "Sarge" Clemenza
Jake Busey....Jake "Giggles" Corleone (Mob Boss)
Peter Stormare....Yuri "The Scorpion" Arenkov (Russian Mob Boss)
Kane Kosugi....Ishii "Jade Cobra" Yamamoto (Yakuza Boss)
Peter Weller....DA Tom Hagen

Also Known As:
Mario Puzo's The Godfather: The Movie of the Game (Based on a Major Motion Picture) (USA)
Oy, Fakken Abos Amok (Australia)

Runtime: USA: 79 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Technoocooloor
Sound Mix: Explodofonics

AMDB Trivia:
  • Actor Marlon Brando died six minutes into his first voice recording session as the voice of V.I.T.O., the Corleone's tactical computer. Leonard Nimoy was brought in to record the remainder of the V.I.T.O. dialogue and footage of Brando from the original Godfather film was digitally modified for the part of TetraCorp CEO Brandon Marlo.
  • Actress Tara Reid was originally cast to star as Kay Adams, but was forced to withdraw when her breast implants spontaneously expressed through her scars on a flight from London to Budapest. Luckily, she was able to return to her doctor in the Ukraine for a repair job and fulfilled her obligation to appear in the Sci-Fi Channel's Mega Ape 2: Hunt for Ape Castle (2006)(TV) being shot in Turkmenistan.
  • Peter Weller neither confirms nor denies rumors that he was blackmailed into his appearance as District Attorney Tom Hagen.
  • In order to deepen the emotional divide between family pariah Jake "Giggles" Corleone (Jake Busey) and the other members of the Corleone family, Busey was forced to sleep in a yurt outside the youth hostel where the other cast members slept. This caused Busey to be repeatedly robbed by gypsies, but also saved him from being considered a suspect in a murder spree that happened in the hostel, as he was bound and gagged by Sinti filth at the time of the murders.
  • Actor Johnny Knoxville's shooting schedule for The Godfather caused more than half of Jackass: Number Two to be filmed in Hungary, including the scene in which Jason "Wee Man" Acuña is strapped with a taser cuff and made to defecate and urinate on himself at his mother's funeral. Acuna's mother was disinterred from the Budapest cemetary and transported to a waterslide in California for a later stunt.
  • In an interview with Russian film magazine "Blortsk!", director Paul W.S. Anderson mentioned Eastern Europe's mixture of decay and new technology as the inspiration for his decision to include current model cars, recognizable brand names and various high-tech weaponry in his vision of late 1940s America.
  • Director Anderson's assertion that the hell hounds guarding the TetraCorp tower were computer-generated have done little to quiet rumors of abuse on the set. Critics point to a leaked photograph of Anderson chasing a stray peacock out of an equipment truck with a tennis racket as a sign of his willingness to abuse animals.
  • In 2006, Emerald Century Pictures produced three films partially adapted from the same original screenplay: The Godfather, Rob Liefeld's Youngblood, and Clownhouse (remake.)
  • Cameo: Actor and comedian Chris Tucker is the first bio-demon (in the nurse's costume) killed by Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone at the Russian disco.
  • A nearly two hours long work print contained a lengthy subplot about a search for "the Hell Meteor." This was largely excised, but references still remain in Arenkov's "Hell Meteor" monologue and the meteor maps at Corleone HQ.
  • Incorporates footage from Emerald Century Worldwide's The Hell Meteor (1992).
  • Pepsi advanced nearly a million dollars for production costs and promised a further quarter million in marketing money in exchange for extensive product placement. However, after seeing the early edits of the film they demanded that all such placement be pulled and insisted that black bars be digitally added over every Pepsi logo. Unfortunately, this caused several reshoots, as early edits saw Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone branded with the Pepsi logo during a fight when a scalding-hot Pepsi can is thrown at his face.
  • Director's Trademark: A zombie jailguard leaning back against a wall near a jail cell and snoring.
  • With the exception of a handful of exterior shots, the movie was shot entirely within a warehouse in Budapest, Hungary formerly used as a pen for cattle and later gypsies.
  • The character of "Blasto Corleone," robot assassin, was cut after being deemed too expensive to achieve, effects-wise. He still appears as part of NECA's upcoming Godfather action figure line.
  • The Mafia Gator took four days to build, cost almost ten thousand dollars, and sunk into the lake after only one take.
  • Russian mobsters are seen playing The Godfather: The Game (2006) (VG) on their XBOX 360. Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone gives them a "thumbs up" before shooting them in their brains.
  • Director's Trademark: The sound of a record needle skipping as an unexpected event disrupts a gun fight.
  • All of the actors who portrayed Corleones in the movie had the family heraldry (a mushroom and a hammer) tattooed somewhere on their body to forge a more familial bond. This includes Leonard Nimoy, who never met anyone else in the cast, yet had the heraldry tattooed across his lower back.
  • Devon Aoki spoke no English during filming, necessitating a dolphin translator be kept in a tank on set at all times.(More)
Memorable Quotes:
Fredo "Sprocket" Corleone: (loads up spinning DNA on computer) Wow, this is no ordinary street drug.
Kay Adams: What is it?
Fredo "Sprocket" Corleone: On the record?
Kay Adams: I'll keep it out of my story.
Fredo "Sprocket" Corleone: It looks like some sort of virus. See the DNA here, that's how it replicates. They take it as a street drug, but there's this hidden inside.
Kay Adams: All of the attacks by psychos.

Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: (walks in) Damn it, Fredo, I told you never to talk to reporters!

Kay Adams: I'm Kay Adams from News 5, and you are...
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: Throwing you out!

(Michael and Kay finish having sex and lay back in the bed)
Kay Adams: If you police like you screw then criminals are in trouble.
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: I was holding back. I police even harder.
Kay Adams: So, tell me about the Clemenza shooting. Was he on the trail of the Godfather Virus?
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: I see you report like you screw.
Kay Adams: Baby, I was holding back...(they start having sex again)

Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone: I thought you Yakuza types lived by rules. The kind of rules that don't include zombies.
Ishii "Jade Cobra" Yamamoto: The only rules I live by are the rules of the jungle. Survival of the fastest! (pops a wheelie on his racing motorcycle and speeds away)

Ishii "Jade Cobra" Yamamoto: The zombie street warrior. Feels no pain, feels no remorse, feels only the need for killing everyone. We shall rule this city. The Corleones are obsolete.
Yuri "The Scorpion" Arenkov: (Watching approaching truck through binoculars) We see about that, Ishii. Maybe they get an upgrade.

Fredo "Sprocket" Corleone: The ultra-sonic waves are causing the creatures to completely disintegrate! Their unstable sub-molecular structures can't take this kind of stress!
Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone: You wanna run that one by me in English?
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: Zombies get turned into zombie slime. I'm liking this.

(Sonny is holding Jake's coat to keep him from falling into a bubbling vat of chemicals)
Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone: It's not too late, Jake! You're family!
Jake "Giggles" Corleone: Was I family when Michael left me to die in that fire?
Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone: It was too dangerous! He thought you were dead!
Jake "Giggles" Corleone: You're right. Jake died that night. Tonight (slips out of coat and falls) Giggles dies.
Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone: Noooo!

Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: You're too close to this case and I'm concerned for you.
Kay Adams: I care about you, Lone Wolf, but I have to get the big scoop on this.
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: No, it's too dangerous. I don't know how I would feel if...
Kay Adams: I love you, Lone Wolf.
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: I wish I had time to love, Kay, but I'm too angry and conflicted about this case.

Brandon Marlo: What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: You killed Fredo, Clamenza, Hagen, all of them. You and your zombie thugs.
Brandon Marlo: What's the matter with you. Is this how you turned out? A Hollywood finocchio that cries like a woman.

Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: That voice... it's the same as...
Brandon Marlo: V.I.T.O.
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: So you created our computer! That's how you knew our every move.

Brandon Marlo: Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking.
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: Think about this! (enters bullet time)

Kay Adams: It'll take years to rebuild. We won, but at what price?
Michael "Lone Wolf" Corleone: We're tired of hearing it, Kay.
Sonny "Shakedown" Corleone: Everybody shut up and paaaaartyyyyy! (More)
  • Factual errors: The satellite following Clemenza on the drug deal makes the sound of a helicopter and is orbiting the earth low enough to be shot by one of the gang member's pistols.
  • Continuity: Monsters are interchangeably referred to as "zombies" and "bio-demons."
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: A framed photograph of Ronald Reagan with the plaque "President of the United States of America" beneath it appears on the wall in Tom Hagen's office. The movie is set in 1947 and Reagan was not President until several years later. However, Reagan was in Secret Service Versus the Ku Klux Klan in 1938. As part of the plot of that movie, the President is put in a coma by a sleeping gas released in his office by the KKK and Reagan's character of Secret Service Captain Brick Hutely becomes the acting President of the United States until the Vice President can be located. Tom Hagen could simply have been a very big fan of Reagan's turn as President in that particular film.
  • Continuity: Sonny's "sonic fission" rifle is incorrectly stored in the case for the "sonic fusion" rifle. Sonny is still seen holding his "sonic fusion" rifle in multiple scenes after he accidentally loses it in the river. The river sometimes vanishes from shots where it should logically appear.
  • Revealing mistake: After Hagen is killed by the zombies, Michael gives a SWAT briefing during which he repeatedly points to Ice T's character of Papa Lobo as the source of the zombie drug. Ice T's character was written out of the script on the second draft and is never mentioned or seen otherwise in the movie.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): "Bullet knives" still fire after being loaded backwards or sideways into Z-guns.
  • Continuity: The level of vodka in Yuri's glass get progressively higher as he is seen drinking it, eventually spilling all over his shirt. When he urinates into the toilet the water level gets progressively lower as he urinates.
  • Anachronisms: Michael is seen enjoying Bawls energy drink in 1946, but Bawls was not introduced until 1997. The same is true of his Tamagotchi.
  • Continuity: Number of spider bombs Fredo sends himself from the future.
  • Audio/visual unsynchronized: During the gun battle in the Russian disco, when the zombies first enter and bump into the record player the sound of the needle skipping plays several seconds before they enter. From that point on the audio in the movie is nearly three seconds unsynchronized, until a second record player skips during the battle in the abandoned chemical factory and re-synchronizes the audio for the final act.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): In the scene immediately following Fredo's description of how to kill a zombie by cutting off its head, Sonny wakes up in bed next to the severed zombie head of Detective Woltz and it laughs at him.
  • Incorrectly regarded as goofs: The zombies "overtaking" the city disappear for no reason. What is so wrong about having a happy ending?

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its not the original so dont act like it should be, 8 September 2006


Author: jkraezy

im more than a little ticked off readin some of the comments posted, MPtG:tMotG(BoaMMP) isnt the original but when did they ever claim it was??? Godfather is solid classic Drama while MPtG:tMotG(BoaMMP) is an honest to goodness Fun Game Action you can enjoy if your willing to turn your brain off and have a good even respects its roots and uses alot of things from the first movie in creative new ways, it ain't the best but it aint that bad deal with it haters!

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