Zack: Now THIS is an enemy.

Steve: I wonder what the cyberpope's thoughts are about the space gods.

Zack: And, again, Dawkins loses another beachhead. Looks like the Internet just downloaded some Bible, dipshit.

Steve: The Swiss guards look way cooler than they do now.

Zack: They look like Swiss Vipers.

Steve: So? More armies need to incorporate mirrored motorcycle helmets into their uniforms.

Zack: Activate cyberchin. Activate cyberhat. Activate cybervestments.

Steve: He's probably got some pretty cool apps on that hat.

Zack: Nah, it's just Plants vs. Zombies and an app that reminds him to give his dog a pill twice a day.

Steve: He's got to have something on there that warns him when some commandos with double uzis are jumping out of a helicopter and screaming.

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