Character Classes

Steve: One of the sweetest things about Rifts and Palladium games in general is that they totally let you make whatever sort of character you want.

Zack: I want to make a giant dog with vibro teeth!

Steve: There are like 500 different character classes in the Rifts Core book and almost every source book includes more. Each character can choose from dozens of skills and hundreds of equipment options. You can play a juvenile dragon, a juicer, a Ley Line Walker, a psychic, or a wasteland vagabond. There are some really interesting character classes.

Zack: But no giant dog with vibro teeth?

Steve: No, but you could be a dog man and get a cybernetic gun put in your mouth.

Zack: Alright, impose your order on me, but I'm not wearing your little dress up doll clothes. Modesty is an invention of humans!

Steve: You're becoming your worst nightmare, bro.

Zack: I am! I am and I hate it! Make it stop!

Steve: Forget about the dog men. I picked out some other character classes that might interest you.

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