Dr. Thorpenstein: We're all mad at you for putting hats on us here!

Zackula: Trying to put a costume on your cat is a great way to make it invisible.

Dr. Thorpenstein: At least these ones are filled with catnip, so you can use drugs to bribe your cat into accepting this humiliation.

Zackula: It also helps if you hide your death grip hold on your cat from the camera with a blanket. They might literally have the cat in a vice for this picture.

Dr. Thorpenstein: The cat is looking at the camera with that "You're SO fucking dead as soon as I wriggle free" look that every cat owner is familiar with.

Zackula: If you look at this Etsy user's page they subject their cats to almost constant costume torture. I'm just going to guess those cats have been declawed or the owners are covered in claw resistant scars by now.

Zackula: Just one giant baby-talking keloid trying to put a harry potter scarf around a yowling tabby.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Another explanation: this one is maaaaaaybe taxidermy.

Dr. Thorpenstein: "Fuck you." - This Cat.

Zackula: That is the most fuck you look a cat can have outside of a bath in the sink.

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