Sports Argument Stadium. If you can't play the game, complain about it! SaxMaverick takes us into the exciting world of armchair everythings.

NFL Free Agency Thread - Nate Clements swims in a gigantic pool of money - Kim Jong Il keeps us updated on the free agency market, and how 60 year old terribe backup quarterbacks make more in a year than you will your entire life.

NCAA Men's Basketball - Championship Week - Conference Tournaments start this week, so if you plan on watching the ACC bracket, make sure to wear a facemask.

MLB News/Views for March: Oliver Perez pitches like Rosie Perez - Spring Training is going, pro teams are playing colleges to test out their genetically engineered robots (pitchers) from Japan, and America's Pastime begins again.

More of the Fishiest and Funniest Things You've Heard - Poker in the Rear poster MassRayPer takes us on a journey through the game of poker, and the kind of shit people try to pull while playing.

Cricket - World Cup 2007 - Australia won't win, this is your chance! - SAS poster Shmoses does a fantastic job of outlining next week's World Cup with team summaries, player overviews, and history, yet I still have no idea what the fuck cricket is.

March Madness bracket time! - Come do Tournament Pick'em with SAS in Hutch's NCAA Tourney League!

Fantasy Baseball Questions/Advice Thread - Pick up hot tips and tricks from SAS experts so you can be the best Dungeon Master - sorry - Fantasy Baseball owner ever!

Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Not all anime is about tentacles and rape. Some of it is about pedophilia too! Of course I'm joking. Nobody has made such a joke before! Ever! Fishmech brings us the lowdown on this so-called "animation."

So what's the most polarizing anime? - FuryK starts off ADTRW on exploring the most controversial anime ever, including such as Evangelion, Elfen Lied, and more!

Let's make up anime viewing drinking games! - Heran Bago knows that anime is more fun when you get drunk. Learn the proper way to play drinking games with your favorite anime.

I've gone all this time without ever watching Evangelion. Am I missing out? - Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most controversial anime series of recent years, but is it really that important? Find out!

Where the hell is my [non-existent anime]? - There are many manga series out there without matching anime series, or anime that need to be extended. Which are the most deserving of new series?

Spring anime thread: mecha shows and goofy names - Almost 50 new anime series are starting this time of year in Japan. What are they all about, and will they be any good? This thread has all the answers for you.

Forgotten Fansubs and series that no one cares about (56K it is a mystery) - Many anime end up forgotten in the mists of time and are never brought over to America or even fansubbed, until now. Find out all about these series and whether or not anyone is getting around to them now!

Describe 'that guy/gal' in anime clubs you've attended - Everyone has a story about those creepy people you encounter often in real life. ADTRW has creepier versions of those people to tell you about.

Automotive Insanity. They're crazy about automobiles just like I'm crazy about Corbin Bernsen. TheAlphabetSez exports some insanity to us all.

GIT-R-DONE - Belldandy loves his JDM-Spec autos; however it is hard to commute in a race car; so come join as he reveals his newest non-racing toy.

Only an 11 year old airbag and some metal between me and 7000 lbs of steel - Vitamin J points out how smalll we all are in the world, when compared to Belldandy's new rig. Just cause we like cars doesn't mean we don't have sensitive emtions.

Extreme Geekery: CarPC installed in BMW - pkx displays his most recent addition to his auto. His need to go inside a home is lessened greatly.

Ford ACTUALLY makes a good move: Next Fiesta is coming to the US! - Endless Mike reveals great news from Ford; the beloved Fiesta will triumphantly return to the US shores.

Inventive use for a Ferarri Headgasket - Psylocibe points out why exactly repair shops have earned such a negative regard by many people.

Car + 55mph + Sleep + Tree = Pain - adamrobertt shares with us his dramatic, almost life-taking accident. Come learn the importance of not driving while tired.

Ford is selling Aston Martin. But here's the *really* terrible news - pigdog discover's Aston Martin might be for sale to the highest bidder; contrary to Top Gear reportings. This can only mean good things for James Bond fans, really good things.

Are You Going To Spend Your Tax Refund On Modz? - It is infact, tax-season yet again. Poopcutter poses the ultimate seasonal question, "will our returns be spent on our cars?" Add your creative and automotive related ideas in here!

Top Gear, coming soon on youtube/google video - If you know AI, you love Top Gear. Jamal breaks good news as BBC has decided to stop hunting down those who want to spread the wealth of Top Gear episodes on youtube... by adding tidbit episodes of their own.

2008 M3 'Concept' Revealed. - With the Geneva Motor Convention hard under way, many prototype cars are being unveiled. KTF shows us BMW's newest addition to the M-family. The V-8 powered E92 M3.
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