No Music Discussion. This used to be the file forum where people traded illegal mp3s and whatnot. Then I decided I probably didn't want to get arrested, so I changed it. Now people just discuss their illegal mp3s. Ha ha, just kidding. Sometimes they're in .ogg format. Ask Sir Tonk if you don't believe me.

Lets play the "in my pants" game...(it IS music related, and fun) - This week we're starting with something fun. Alcander's thread promises two things: comedy and relevance. Both are delivered and the thread is a success.

Upcoming Album Discussion: Person Pitch - 3/20/2007 - The Panda in Animal Collective has an album coming out later this month. P. Don't's thread is the only place on the internet where posting about it is allowed.

Timbaland vs Scott Storch...hahahahaha - March's Timbaland thread is headed up by Verbal and has plenty of content for all you lovers of musical drama out there. Inside are two terrible songs and some funny pictures.

The post-rock thread. - Much like post-rock, Bucket Joneses's thread has been going for a while with no signs of stopping. There are some great suggestions in here, so if you're curious read-up.

Music Festivals Thread 2007 - Mickolution is there for the little guy with his roundup of the 'other' festivals around the globe.

"I like the spice girls" and other musical cofnessions - Dr. Thorpe, you're needed in this thread. Unless by confessions, he actually meant tasty dessert treats.

Live performances that knock you on your ass - ZoCrowes was knocked on his ass at a Paul McCartney show, so this is probably not about moshing.

[Boston] The Boston area Fall/Winter show megathread - Tiny Faye wants everyone in the Concert Calendar to know that Boston has a great music scene. If you live in Boston this could very well apply to you.

I need some video game music for a Flash Tub project - Shmorky needs help with music for his twisted animation.

The TV IV. Do you like shows? On TELEVISION? If so, this is the forum for you! Aatrek watches TV too!

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? - dorkasaurus_rex watches FOX's newest "entertaining" "game" "show" and makes fun of it with the rest of us.

Your TV Confessions - Do you TiVo "Dancing With the Stars?" Do you own "Saved by the Bell" on DVD? Come share your dark secrets in Doctor Jackalope's thread.

Ugly Betty - Hoover Dam says it best: "If you only see one show involving duck semen, make it this one!"

The Return of Commercials You Hate - EndOfTheWorld hates a lot of today's commercials... but how can anyone hate those darn cavemen?

Metalocalypse - YeahTubaMike continues this thread about an animated rock band that is "a million times bigger than the Beatles"... it's also a show full of violent, violent murder - and METAL!

Batman's Secret Shame - Comic books are about men running around in spandex. So is my autobiography. Muscles Like This likes forums like this.

Webcomic Thread 11: We lost interest at #6 but keep reading out of habit - The long running webcomic discussion thread. Check out page 6 where Grumphis (the creator of Horribleville) starts off a chain reaction of terrible terrible fan art.

Ask and Tell: My Days at Marvel - Over the summer of 06 forum member Beanpants worked as an intern at Marvel. Now he is free to tell stories of what went on during his time there.

AVOID MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS - THEY SPOIL CAP. 25, ETC. - For some reason major news agencies like CNN and Foxnews decided it would be a great idea to make a big deal about a recent comic event. Before anyone got a chance to read it. Great job!

Guess Who: Comic Book Characters 6 - BSS' longest running game thread. Easy enough in concept, ask questions and try to guess what character the current player is. Fun fun fun.
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