The Games Forum. If it's about games, and it's on a forum (this forum), then it's on The Games Forum. Mr. Onslaught provides these links:

Let's Play Killer 7 - Killing people? Blowing stuff up? Wheelchair fellatio? Sold!

Little Big Planet - Sony kicked off Game Developers Conference in style by showing off this user created, interactive 2d physics based platformer.
Weird Japanese Cheerleading game - Everyone loves helping people through the power of dance.
HDTV Questions Megathread - Ditch that 13" black and white TV and find out what you need to game in style.
Console Exclusives - Maybe knowing the exclusives coming out for each system can help you decide which one is the best...or maybe you can say screw them all and play PC games.

Serious Hardware / Software Crap. Discussing things like "hardware" and "software," but really not much "crap," unless somebody mistakenly makes a thread about Vista. GodofLint made his list very nice and easy to copy and paste for me:

Daylight savings changes - The 2005 Energy Policy Act calls for shifting daylight savings time by two weeks, effective Sunday. IT Administrators scramble to correct what is essentially another Y2K crisis.

SH/SC Parts Guide - For help in choosing components for a new computer or upgrade.

iPod Megathread - Useful tools, guides, and help for getting the most out of your shiney new iPod.

The official Firefox SALR Thread - The goon-loved and Radium-hated Firefox extension is still alive and well on version 1.15.1918

Debate and Discussion. People love to argue on the Internet, and people also love to hate politics. So what do you get when you combine the two? I don't know, but it involves a lot of libertarians. Yiggy serves us a steaming plate of:

Bong Hits 4 Jesus: Free Speech vs Public Schools goes to USSC – The Highest Court in the land indeed!

Hell freezes over. There's an atheist in Congress – An Atheist in congress?!? Does this mean Friends in high places or a fox in the henhouse?

The Moon or Bust! – NASA is underfunded once again. Is the moon deserving of our resources or is NASA old hat?

Scooter Libby found guilty on 4 charges. – Political Spectacle! Was Libby the victim of a witchhunt or is this his just dessert?

Again: Another Russian journalist dead – Something smelly is going down Russia, journalist researching Russian arm sales to Iran found dead, foul play suspected.

I can't stand reading Turkish news anymore. Also, Youtube is banned now. – An interesting look into modern day Turkey.

Better Know Your '08 Presidential Candidates, pt3 - Third Party grab bag! - Week 3 of the Get to Know Your Candidates series.

You like tanks? How about the newest and perhaps the best XK2 Black Panther - D&D participates in a semi-regular bout of war machine fawning.

Study: Psychological torture just as damaging as physical torture - D&D washes their hands over the thought of torture.

First Testable Prediction of String Theory Confirmed - More chatter on String Theory with the recent announcements of actual verification.
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