BYOB is a forum shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It's like finding a booger on your car's dashboard, and having absolutely no idea how it got there. Planimal brings us this week's collection of boogers:

i think that everything has a soul – Red Flag! is convinced everything has a soul, even inanimate objects like hotdogs, lamps, brooms, rocks and Lowtax’s penis. Each object’s ghostly ghost is MSPainted, and we find out that dead rocks are only slightly more boring then live ones.

hey byob I posted my personal ad video in gbs superstation – You might not know this, but Fragmaster is goth as fuck and looking for a girlfriend who can handle his darkness. I mean, he’s like even more goth that those guys who sit in the dark all day and cut the names of their favorite dead lead singers into their calf, or those girls who buy those black shirts that say stuff at Hot Topic and then cut in front of me when I’m in line at Chik-Fil-A. Bitches, man.

emoprincess live status reports – emoprincess is a video blogger who caught our attention with her poignant and observant broadcasts, but mostly with her jiggling jowls and sagging boobs. Enjoy play-by-play analysis of her sleeping until one in the afternoon, and pay close attention to the strange things that happen to her as she slumbers.

BYOBZ: Budokai Tenkichi – Little Barnacle apparently got confused and thinks this is ADTRW! Regardless, he creates some hilarious drawings of BYOB posters as anime characters! KAWAII! ^__^

Mods/Admins please add this new thread tag I made: – A new thread tag is created in BYOB and jesus christ it is the worst one yet. Spoiler: a man in a bikini was the source image.

you! – We’re taking the internet to the next level with this thread! Donkey Ears, Whalley, Fucky, funky hotdog, and a whole slew of BYOB posters get in on this new photo-by-photo posting style that will soon replace anything we have now. I’m sure of it.

this thread goes in reverse - .wrong went all it but ,girl a with get to tried and chimichanga bad a ate He

i am about to eat a hungry man 1lb of fried chicken meal - BYOB is taken along for the ride as jetfighterpoo fights to scarf down a 1lb hungry man dinner, and soon thereafter feels its revenge on his digestive system and colon.

anyone want to have an .mp3 argument? – The shortest BYOB goldmine ever that has nothing to do with .mp3’s or arguments.

hey guys im cutting myself i might die bc of it (pics) - Settes makes a joke about cutting, using ketchup. Engine Fortegue comes by and CUTS LOVE SAUCE'S NAME INTO HIS THIGH FOR AN AVATAR CERTIFICATE. Drama ensues. Pages later, people discover Engine Fortegue's penis in one of the pictures. Hilarity, and then more drama. The end. I wish I was dead.

FYAD is pink. FYAD superstar Gobbles has tattooed the following information on his arm:

update on FYAD superstar "penis pai" - A while ago Lowtax ousted a gimmick account, and some dumb stuff happened. Then banfiction came. Banfiction.

dear niki licksdicks, post the picture from this flag - Avatar posted a thread last week looking for the image behind a flag, and this week he found it.

what made you maddest when you were a kindergartener - Unitseven and various others shares stories on the early developmental years which are key in developing into an FYAD superstar.

Dear members of community, - TACO (from the 80s) posts a letter purportedly sent from the father of a member of the Something Awful community (typed by the son), and apparently anybody who plays EVE Online is a nerd.

a concise list of things currently resting on the table nearest my computer - Haoma finds posting inspiration from even the smallest of things.

What would a Tom Clancy post when a girl posted a picture of her ass? - Nutmeg and a few of the guys pretend to be women for what is probably their first and most enjoyable time.

ZYBOURNE CLOCK LIVES - Dans believes that the videogame "Zybourne Clock" just might not live up to its hype.

we have an irc channel at #SA_MeetingWomen - Gobbles has stumbled upon the ultimate research project in the field of goon sex patterns.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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