The Firing Range. Guns! Who doesn't like guns? I mean, besides victims of gun violence. King Hotpants shoots down this forum.

CCW holder stops stabbing/burning of lady in broad daylight - SachielDVangel links a news story where a man who tries to stab his wife and then set her on fire in a parking lot is stopped by an anonymous man carrying a gun.

Patriotic saying for an AR15 lower receiver? - Crazy Armed Pilot wants something cool to write on his gun. The submissions are ridiculous, but so was the question.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should - Wonderful examples of how NOT to paint your gun, courtesy of McCheese.

That is one special weapon! - The Firing Range hates the "FutureWeapons" guy on discovery channel and his overdramatic style. Delrith Ur reminds us why.

TFR Radio - What do gun nerds listen to? Now you can find out! Nitrogen's idea finally comes to life.

PNW Gunmeet photo thread - Photos from the recent Pacific Northwest Gunmeet, courtesy of Miso Beno.

Brady Ban website nonsense - The Brady Center has gone from bending the truth to outright lies. Jordan shows us their latest adventure in stupidity.

NJ Goons, here comes another .50 caliber ban! - LogisticEarth points out another attempt to ban .50-cal rifles, which (contrary to popular belief) cannot derail a train, shoot down a plane, or kick a puppy.

So, highlights this week: Someone tries to set their wife on fire. On fire. In the street. If you guys haven't read that one, go read it now. It's hilarious only because it's so outrageous.

Pet Island. Do you like dogs or cats? Sure, we all do. Light_urple brings us stories from the land of the pet. The island of the alive.

The Pet Name Megathread. – This thread created by nme is all about namedropping – pet style!

Wanna be a vet? Able to handle abused and murdered animals? Warning: Graphic – Little girls and boys grow up thinking they want to be veterinarians so they can play with animals all day and make them well. This very serious Catdoc thread introduces a darker side to the profession.

Doctor! I think I have a Reptile Dysfunction! (Herp Megathread) – French Post wants to help you get a quick reptile and amphibian fix. We have all the snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs you could ever want - all in one place!

Boxer - Ear Cropping? – To crop, or not to crop? Is ear-cropping a cruel and evil act done for aesthetics, or a perfectly acceptable practice that has been done for centuries? EternallyYours just wants to know what to do with a new puppy's ears.

Customer horror stories - Pet Island style! – We've all heard horror stories from people who work fast food and retail sales, but what about those who work in pet services? This thread by yawnie is exposing some of the greatest examples of stupidity to ever walk into a pet store or an Animal Control office. Do hamsters really grow into bunnies?

Retarded things you do with your pets – RaCha'ar just wants to make sure that everyone else at Pet Island likes to sing to their animals and make them do funny dances. It's ok, RaCha'ar, we're all crazy here.

Bird Crazies – This is the official bird-lover megathread started by pink stiletto. It's still going strong and collecting new bird-brains all the time.

Can I do anything for the neglected bully dog down the street? – What do you do when your nasty redneck neighbor has a starving dog on his property but he threatens you whenever you try to help? Chickenz needs to know.

What is the point of crating? – Pet Island gurus and many dog owners swear by crating, but why? Digitalscribbles isn't afraid to ask.

Goons With Spoons. A cooking forum for people who would otherwise specialize in heating Banquet frozen dinners. Kiteless has an appetite for construction.

ICSA 17: Soybean Showdown winner - Kiteless whips up four tempting dishes with tofu and edamame for the latest Iron Chef competition.

Starch in starch, with cheese? Sign me up! - How to make delicious potato pierogis from CapnBry.
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