~*~ Watch and Weight / The Goon Doctor ~*~
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How do I eat more... without vomiting? - Real bodybuilders just eat until they puke, then extract the vomit and blend on high in a nice whey isolate protein shake.

Bit of an embarassing male problem. - Can you resist clicking this?

Constant "need to take a dump" feeling - Often confused with the constant "need to post" feeling.

~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
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What did you brown bag today?
- Whether because you don't like restaraunt food, or don't like paying for it, or you work in the middle of the wilderness and have nothing available to you other than what you pack in via camel, many bring their lunches in to work everyday. This is a thread to talk about that.

Not horrible processed cheese - Does it exist?
- In a shocking twist, our weekly crazy dieting thread was actually posted for a sound medical reason! But no, there's no such thing as not horrible processed cheese.

Tuna Fish - Whats In Yours?
- Mercury.

Home cooking in Japan
- The travails of attempting grocery shopping in a country where you can't read much and understand the use of available ingredients even less.

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