Silver Wolf - I don't know, I have seen many strange things myself.

Lowtax - Like what? TELL ME

Silver Wolf - Well, my grandmother's house was haunted, I've seen ghosts before. I've also done psychic research.

Lowtax - Chester?

Silver Wolf - What?

Lowtax - Did you see Chester?

Silver Wolf - Who's that?

Lowtax - Chester, he was dead, now in ghost form?

Silver Wolf - I don't know who Chester is, sorry.

Lowtax - But he's dead!!!

Silver Wolf - Just because you're dead doesn't mean your a ghost.

Lowtax - OH, how do you becomes ghost then, fill out forms?

Lowtax - some sort of application? I don't know

Silver Wolf - Most ghosts are usually people who were wronged in there lives... and they are trying to tell everybody living what happened. There spirits are restless.

Lowtax - maybe punchcards? I don't know how to become ghost!

Silver Wolf - What?

Lowtax - Do they have forms then?

Silver Wolf - I don't understand?

Lowtax - Like some variation of a popular spreadsheet? Sorry, do you understand?

Silver Wolf - No, I don't, sorry.

Lowtax - So what about Yetis, friend?

Silver Wolf - Well, most people think the Yeti are some kind of aliens that were brought to the Earth a long time ago.

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