Lots of toys for under a dollar. Here you see the red state section, featuring Bible toys, Navy SEAL toys, and NASCAR toys. I particularly enjoyed the NASCAR do-it-yourself sun catcher. I would say about five bucks worth of those and you can cut off all of the sun's escape routes.

Filthy dolls heaped in a bin. Their heads were all mottled with yellow-brown spots and they seemed dirty. Dirty toys was actually a fairly common theme at Dollar Tree. Any toy not sealed in plastic looked like somebody had been doing burnouts on it.

About a quarter of the modest freezer section was devoted to really terrible looking ice cream. Most of it was a brand I never heard of before called "Country Maid" that was only available in flavors that involved strawberry. Not good strawberry flavors either, like Neapolitan, it was strawberry-mint and strawberry-orange and similarly vile ice cream atrocities.

Murray's Various French Toast Bullshit shared prime freezer real estate with two varieties of frozen donuts. Dollar Tree did not sell regular bread, so if you wanted to make a sandwich you better hope Cinnamon BLAST! goes well with bologna.

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