This article is part of the Dynamars Corporation Information Kiosk series.

** Welcome to the new Cycnus Station Update Service, Resident #013!

This kiosk is designed to keep you updated on all relevant station activity within your clearance level. Your security clearance is LEVEL 3. DynaMars Corporation wishes to remind you that sharing sensitive information with subordinates will result in criminal prosecution.

Please take advantage of the Cycnus Station Update Service, accessible from kiosks located in the entrances to each sector, for all the latest news!

Please read each update in full.

*** For previous Cycnus Station Updates, please click here and here.

***12-06-2305 - New Entry

As a special treat for the holidays, DynaMars Corporation is pleased to announce the activation of HOLIDAY PROTOCOL TX-0992. At 0000 hours, all station lights will automatically turn green or red. Enjoy the festive colored lighting! DynaMars Corporation wishes you a very happy holiday season.

***12-07-2305 - New Entry

Chief Medical Officer Brugmann has informed us of a 100% increase in headaches and eyestrain following the activation of HOLIDAY PROTOCOL TX-0992. Unfortunately, we cannot disable HOLIDAY PROTOCOL TX-0992 without triggering HOLIDAY FAILSAFE CX-11951. It is in the best interest of all Cycnus Station personnel that HOLIDAY FAILSAFE CX-11951 not be triggered.

We are pleased to report that HOLIDAY PROTOCOL TX-0992 will shut down automatically at 0000 hours on 01-01-2306. No need to intervene!

***12-08-2305 - New Entry

DynaMars Corporation wishes to congratulate Resident #013 for his outstanding work in Sector C Quantum Labs. Resident #013's pioneering research into the field of intrabladder entanglement may one day produce a cure for urination. DynaMars Corporation is throwing its full support behind this important scientific endeavor. Resident #013 has already received a generous grant from DynaMars Corporation's Dark Projects Department!

Congratulations, Resident #013!

***12-10-2305 - New Entry

As part of Phase 2 of HOLIDAY PROTOCOL TX-0992, the Cycnus Station Intercom System has been commandeered for the purpose of playing pleasant holiday music 24 hours a day!

Phase 2 also triggered EMERGENCY MESS HALL MENU OVERRIDE LM-2324. Expect delicious ham to be served on Christmas Day!

DynaMars Corporation is committed to bringing the complete holiday experience to Mars.

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