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Yodelin' Red Packiewicz just got back from Ramblin Man with a wicked scalp tan. I may have accidentally yodeled in agony some.
15 minutes ago. 3 Comments
Rapid City Russ Red, I wanna apologize again for my drunken behavior the other night. In my goddamn state of inebriation, I thought you was signalin me to lean in for a kiss.
Cowboy Charlie oh lordy lord
Simple Frode Gjertsen who is your stylist perhaps he is friends with mine
June Carson is awaitin a telegraph from that special someone she met at Ramblin Man
35 minutes ago. 0 Comments
Tallahassee Parcy If I see one more nekkid cowboy covered and paint riding his horse all a-circle I'm gonna go on a stampede of killin such that the Mighty Lord Himself will vomit in horror and awe.
1 hour ago. 0 Comments
Tall James McGinley is now listed as lonesome.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments
John Red Eagle would like to thank the white man for stealing his land, then using it to host the queerest thing he has ever seen.
2 hours ago. 0 Comments
Father Gerald Y'all are behaving like sinners, riding out there in that festival of Sodom. No shame!
3 hours ago. 0 Comments
Blackboots McCoy ain't anyone seen Lefty? thought he was gonna be at this shindig.
4 hours ago. 2 Comments
Hoppy Not since he split for Cleveland.
Blackboots McCoy dang, where'd he go and get the bread for that kinda travel?
Simple Frode Gjertsen my injun stylist said this was the look all the white man are wearing. sure hurts a lot!
4 hours ago. 1 Comment
Doc Beazarau lol
5 hours ago. 1 Comment
Hoargy Calhoun you danged son of a biscuit, you said you knew where you was leadin us!!!
Hoppy feelin totally at one with the universe right now. Theory: little big horn... inside job?
7 hours ago. 0 Comments
Prospectin' Doyle holy jehovah, i can feel colors
7 hours ago. 0 Comments
Doc Beazarau hahahaha jim hoyle is on the ground coughing up black stuff
8 hours ago. 2 Comments
Slimy Morgan damnit doc shouldn't you be doing somethin to help him?
Doc Beazarau oh yeah
Buford Bronson joined the group You Know Yer Horse is Tired of You If...
9 hours ago. 0 Comments
Big Henry Haskell only regrets that he didn't wagon train some more bitches.
10 hours ago. 0 Comments
Rapid City Russ is mighty confused right now. passed out drunk in the desert and when I woke up someone built a barn around me??? how long was I out for?
12 hours ago. 1 Comment
Mad Bill Boothe the kind of stupid you got is rare and magnificent.
Rutherford Griffith we're having a 16-hour banjo trance session in the relaxation tent if anyone wants to join (bring yer own banjo)
14 hours ago. 1 Comment
Vaquero Esquerra don't start without me!!!

--Vaquero Esquerra

Wenatchee Kid and Cincinnati Pete are no longer listed as pardners.
14 hours ago. 3 Comments
Duke now what???
Wenatchee Kid I ain't gonna talk about it, goddamnit.
Cincinnati Pete oh quit yer bellyaching, kid. how was i gonna know you'd be wearing the same dang outfit to ramblin man.
Mad Bill Boothe all the drinks and opium you can handle, and it's all on yours truly.
14 hours ago. 1 Comment
Sooty Stan Wooooo-hooo!! *whips hat against sides*
Gray Clay Bailey is kickin himself with spurs for packin the wrong long johns.
15 hours ago. 0 Comments
The Outlaw Johnny Hunt Shoooot! Can't believe I'm missin Ramblin Man for the first time in a dog's age. I'll have my revenge, you can count on it.
16 hours ago. 1 Comment
Sheriff Pawley You keep runnin that sewer mouth of yers, Johnny. Them bars only open to the gallows.
Bronco Bob just arrived at rambling man. Hoping y'all left your judgment at home.
16 hours ago. 0 Comments

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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