Lux Animus checks not just Goku polls but also Goku pants AND the gas-chamber in this light edit of a real poster that is so weirdly appropriate it's like they used a time machine to make it.

Uh, nope. Nope, don't know these two submissions by Friend either. (Smashmouth was "eat the eggs" not "don't eat the eggs", right? So this is something else?) I didn't even know you were real. I thought you were a styrofoam model.

This image by KawaiiAtomicBombs has a certain... ring to it.

If you don't get this one by Leperflesh then I still don't recommend you read my rambling early attempts at explaining Phridays to the uninitiated. I really, really don't.

Good one itry, I'm sorry if I'm not laughing but I'm just worried about the poor guy. If this is our last Phriday together then, well, it's been a wild ride amigos.

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