Steve: Walt will haul this guy onto his feet and train his gun on him. "Now, start talking."

Zack: "You are sending mixed messages about talking."

Steve: Poke him with the gun. "Are you Gruber or not?"

Zack: He seems surprised. "Ja, Hans Gruber. I vas...did you open ze hatch?"

Steve: "Everyone keeps asking that. Yeah, so what?"

Zack: "Did anyone come out? Did you close it?"

Steve: Did we close it?

Zack: No.

Steve: "Uh, well, our buddy went in there and he got all crazy looking and saw these lights. So we sort of ran away. And then we got a radio transmission from yourselves."

Zack: He doesn't like the sound of what you are saying.

Zack: "Now I have important question, bitte. Haben Sie eine Zigarette?"

Steve: I guess I'll give the guy a cigarette and take him back into the barracks. It's not a no smoking barracks is it?

Zack: Nothing was no smoking in 1944. The nurses in a maternity ward walked around with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth ashing into baby's cribs.

Steve: Back before the nanny state took over.

Zack: No, the nanny state just smoked too.

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