Zack: You sit Gruber down in a chair and put a cigarette in his mouth.

Steve: We need some info. Betty is going to do the talking and then I guess Walt can like write this guy's answers doing on a piece of paper. Will that work?

Zack: Sure.

Steve: "What is this place?"

Zack: "A radio outpost. Ve decrypt and encrypt signals traffic."

Steve: "I've worked in like all sorts of secret radio places in England. I don't think any of them had a big spherical room full of dead bodies in the basement."

Zack: "So that's vat happened to ze Americans. Did you use ze crystal to activate it?" Steve "Maybe. Why don't you tell us what it is."

Zack: "It is ze final answer. The key to unraveling ze ultimate code. The truth to everything."

Steve: Yeah great so the truth to everything is dead bodies and a rave party that makes you crazy.

Zack: "Few can withstand the truth of the pattern."

Steve: "What do we do now? I said you said you could help us. On the radio."

Zack: He frowns and tries to figure out what you just said.

Steve: "When we came out of the hatch, I heard myself on the radio, warning me not to open the hatch. And then I said to find Gruber."

Zack: "Ja, you found me."

Steve: "Now what?"

Zack: Before he can answer, you hear a howling from outside the barracks.

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