Zack: This is so dumb I sort of want it.

Steve: Dumb? Dude, do you know how often you need to staple pages together as a DM or even a player? Sure, you can get most stuff on that first page front and back character sheet, but if you are serious, and you should be serious, then you need to go hog wild and have at least one extra page.

Zack: Sure. And you might need to staple adventures together and graph paper maps and everything other than a resume.

Steve: Says the guy who has been writing for a website for over 10 years.

Zack: No staples! I have stapled zero articles together.

Steve: Then this product probably isn't for you.

Zack: Can you imagine there are refugees from the war in Syria right now, with barely enough food to eat, living in filthy conditions in a refugee camp and they have NO dragon stapler for their documents.

Steve: I think you just came up with an idea for a Kickstarter.

Zack: Stretch goal: If we hit $1,000,000 we will buy all the refugees suits of samurai armor.

Steve: Stretch goal: A set of every core Pathfinder book for 100 refugee dungeonmasters.

Zack: Ultimate stretch goal: Hold a con at the refugee camp in Turkey.


Zack: Do you think we can get R. A. Salvatore to judge the costume contest?

Zack: *armless/legless child rolls onto the stage smearing black face paint*

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