Zack: ADDITIONAL NOTES: Are you fucking kidding me?

Steve: Negro satanic chicken man creates zombies.

Zack: I wonder if a soldier in the US Army requests a voodoo burial if they have to call a Houngan in to conduct the service.

Steve: I bet a voodoo burial is very tentative. For weeks you'd be expecting him to claw his way back out of the grave.

Zack: Yeah, the US government should get their hands on chicken man and his telepathic zombie army. Make him a chaplain and start raising the dead.

Steve: They could subtract the zombie total from the killed in action total and eventually people would start thinking soldiers were being born in Afghanistan.

Zack: Soldiers are born in America. Warriors are made in Afghanistan.

Steve: Warriors? Isn't that what Champion does for a living? Is he in Afghanistan?

Zack: I don't know, is he an amoral PMC willing to guard an embassy that is guaranteed to be car-bombed?

Steve: Possibly. Champion is a tier one operator.

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