~*~ Batman's Shameful Secret ~*~
Reppin': muscles like this?
"Urrrrsulllaaa!!" Was there ever a comic book where some guy died and screamed out "Ursullaaaa!"? Because if so maybe he was calling out someone's name or maybe he was just dying really bad.
(Ursula is a terrible name is what I'm trying to say.)

Who Wants to be a Superhero... again? Stan Lee is the Cosmic Cube! Season two of the Sci-Fi reality series is starting soon and we have the inside scoop thanks to someone having a friend on the show. Note: no we don't find out who wins this year.

ATOMIC ROBO and the League of Action Scientists! Goon Hyperactive (of 8-bit Theater fame) has a new comic coming out! That you can actually buy in stores! It looks pretty cool actually.

washed ashore - a little comic by me Time for another goon created comic. This one is written/drawn by kidnemo and is about a little robot. Awwww, is cute.

Let's Ruin the Moment Some More Wooo! Its back and with more submissions than ever. Well, thats not really true but check out some of the recent stuff by friendly neighborhood mod Hermanos.

Funny Panel of the Week
thanks Rennej
Kang the Conqueror is one of the Avengers most dangerous foes. What? I'm serious here.

~*~ Sports Argument Stadium ~*~
Reppin': SaxMaverick
If a lot of these guys were in the same room together, someone would end up getting bludgeoned by a Sports Illustrated football phone or a Dale Earnhardt commemorative VHS tape rewinder.

Wimbleton 2007: If there's grass on the field, play ball. - After the initial page of discussing who's hotter, Sharapova or Kournakova, we all settle on Billie Jean King. What a fox.

New Madden Ratings - Forums-goer Daltos lists new Madden Ratings that you won't see in the game. This thread? 0 FNY

2007 Tour De France - Floyd who? - So now there's no one-testicled wonder, or any American with a shot to win without drugs so who REALLY wants to watch a bunch of bicycle-shorts wearing Europeans? Saul, I guess.

Apparently the Brewers went to a furry convention - Something wicked this way comes in Milwaukee.

NHL News 07/08 - poor people die in the street there because of cold and ice bears - Playoffs over, the Stanley Cup is once again within spitting distance of a beach, and Canada's STILL pissed.

NFL Offseason : Predictions Thread - Lock it up...Championship! - Argue with fellow Football Funbags posters about how OMG FUCKING WRONG they are about predictions of the upcoming season.

2007 Adopt a Mid-major - In the second annual thread, you can find yourself a new, smaller school to cheer for. Sure, they'll probably be terrible, but if you're a fan of a Pac-10 school, you should be used to it.

Madden/NCAA 08 Complaint Department - Wanna see a bunch of grown men bitching about Frames per second? Here's the spot. Countdown to the bitchfest if EA doesn't put GODDAMN REFEREES ON THE GODDAMN FIELD

Hell2DaNaw.com - It's time for Band Camp! - The world's BEST college football blog is back up and running. Alert WVU students so they can cry about us making fun of their male twirler. Male. Baton. Twirler.

Benoit Discussion II: FishBulb blows a gasket - Enter this thread at your own discretion. There are no lifeguards.

~*~ Games ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Onslaught
It's our video games forum! What more do you want from me?!

Goon's Guide To Internet Go - It's like chess on steroids.

KidConfidence: The best game reviews on the net - I am only allowed to play games that are both family friendly and educational.

Super Stardust HD - Got a PS3? Of course you don't, but if you did you would be ranting and raving about how great this game is.

It's Time for the Movin' Picture Show, Lets Play The Movies! - One day I plan to use this game to make the ultimate motion picture about a morbidly obese Chinese woman who is going to die of malnutrtion. I call it "A 'Fridge Too Far."

so that pedo witch hunt "game" is out - I wonder how embarassed you would be if you had to review this game and someone who wasn't familiar with video games happened to see you playing.

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