See: Patriot Games, The Crying Game

Beautiful Northern Ireland, bombings and ambushes around every corner.

Hollywood teaches: Northern Ireland is a deadly warzone akin to Beirut in the late 70s and early 80s. Cars are blowing up on every other street corner and indistinguishable clans of Irishmen are prowling the streets at night shooting each other in the kneecaps. British soldiers occasionally appear just to be gunned down for no apparent reason and the women hanging out in the bars have dicks. Interestingly, outside of Northern Ireland the Irish countryside is a perpetual rolling green meadow dotted with tiny farmsteads that always border sheer cliffs.

The reality: Ireland is a fictional island created for a Christmas special of the BBC comedy series "Only Fools and Horses" in 1983. It is used under license paid to the BBC whenever it appears in films or American TV.

See: Outbreak, Resident Evil, any movie involving plagues

If you see guys in these suits or doors that hiss when they close then everyone involved is going to die horribly.

Hollywood teaches: Research laboratories are death traps stocked with caustic chemicals that dissolve faces, diseases that cover people with pustules in seconds, and test subjects that have tripled in size, grown fangs, and hunger for human blood. Research labs also fall under the evil science chain of command.

That means unlucky lab assistants might be pushed into a room by an evil scientist at any moment so that the evil scientist can watch them get torn limb-from-limb by a ravenous bio-zombie. Hapless researchers might also drop something, which instantly prompts a computer to lock them in the lab and then lower a flamethrower from the ceiling to burn them to death.

The reality: Research labs throughout the world are stocked with all manner of deadly disease, but less than one percent of these labs fall under the evil science chain of command. According to the CDC, in 2006 only three lab assistants were torn to pieces and eaten by bio-zombies.

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