Swamp Champ 2500 "House Boat Van" (of 1980)

Chess, the door hopens in the sideways configuration revealing hentire house for you to live within. Plenty of room for all hof family to participate. Three swivel view seats, hwon bench seat, roll up bed, sleeper tent, four adult guitar holders, pet slide, food cubby. Great for trips to distance. Invite a friend. Include a table to put your helbows hupon. 999,999 miles flipped and now it has less miles. Bees live inside van free for beekeeper. NOT honeybees. NOT. Violent bees.

Tough Guy Motor Trucks B199 Tuffee (of 2002)

Hoh boys, get a look a this beautiful sweetie. He's hay tough hwone. The 2002 Tough Guy Motor Trucks B199 Tuffee with famous Buff n' Strong Flex 2000 Engine. Testo Pecs flexin' this truck is ready to punch a bad lady or a bad guy. He can haul another truck or two trucks possibly with the chain done right. Can go up a hill pulling rocks. From the commercial they say good for the city too, but I don't know. Honly for serious beefy men ready to haul man stuff like the barbels, knight's helmets, punching bags, big tough girders for a huge building, or magazines hof lady naked.

Camdenlac Windfire Custom + Giant Wheel Covers (of 1987)

This Primo Custom Camdenlac Winfire is something you never seen before. It belonged to baddest USA rapper 2Bad, who was so bad he assaulted a child in a church and hwonce robbed a rival rapper's birthday party with a sword and took all his presents. He was shot in this very cary while singing a rap song about skulls. Even though he was soooo bad heverybody missed him. That made this car a hot commodity. Better get it now. Side-to-side wiper, heated pull rope, extra rapping speakers, tinted steering wheel. Says "Stunnin' 101" hon the front windshield and "2 Modest 2 Be Real" hon the back windshield.

All Leather Interior (of 1982)

This fabulous All Leather Interior is made from 100% rich leather colored black. It is the finest leather you have ever touched, so be prepared for a thrill of your lifetime. Exterior unavailable.

Raymondo Custom Auto (of 1997)

Chess! Hat last! This is my precious, beautiful, sweet little cutie car. I built her myself with parts and a kit. She has so many features, too many to list here. So many beautiful lady bottoms have been in the seats. So many passionate ladies, sipping hon the hwine of life, tasting of the richest cup I can hoffer. I hate to part with this beauty, but she is just too valuable and I need the money to rescue my precious babies from Harmsway, the developer that howns the lease hon Raymondo Island. Please buy her. Price is 570 million dollars. Thank you.

Did you see my beaitful car and truck? They are a sweet thing I offer to you. And rememer to Catch the Cluckers to save big $$$$$ when you buy from Raymondo.

– Raymondo (@sexyfacts4u)

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